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RainMann Needs New Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RainMann, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Sold my Harley today, :cry: sold it to a guy from Broome, and his shipping it out there tomorrow. He was wrapped, and I was a bit sad to see her go, i kinda feel like i broke up with my girlfriend and then stole her purse and withdrew alot of money. :LOL:
    anyway she's gone, to a warmer and sunnier climate so I hope she's happy with her new owner.

    Had to ride it all the way to Langwarrin to sell, which was good, at least I got one decent last ride out of her.

    So now without wheels, I'll pushbike it until i buy a new bike, nothing as schmiko as a harley, I'm looking for a mid-range v'twin naked for about $5000 to $7000.
  2. Congratulations and commiserations on the bike sale, RainMann :cry: :grin:

    And have fun shopping around for something new and shiny :wink:
  3. thanks mate, yes its fun looking for a new (second hand) nice and shiny bike, thinking about a vtr1000 maybe, but at this stage could end up with anything, ie sv650, trx800 or even something unusual like an old tourer. basically looking for something reliable, cheap, sounds good and performs well, and it needs a bit of guts
  4. yes, get a secondhand one, pass it to me and i'll take the grinder and welder to it to make it into a nice figter for ya....
  5. There's sure some cheap trixies out there. SVs seem to be so popular they hold a price.
  6. well Ive been looking around, i like the look of sv's, trx850's but so far the vtr1000 looks the best choice for me. i don't want too much of an aggressive ride position as I'm an ex-harley-rider, and i want to stick to a twin. i prefer nakeds too.

    if u got a vtr1000 or any of the bikes listed above let me know what u think, i want to spend about 7-8, no more than 8, and i don't want a full race bike or anything, its gonna be used to commute everyday so i don't really want an R1/R6 or CBR or anything like that.

    and if you don't recommend any of the sv,trx or vtr let me know why.
  7. A little while ago I shortlisted about 10 bikes that I considered ideal for commuting (for me). When I worked through them all, turned out the sv650 (naked) would have been the best for my needs. I didn't end up getting one as I now use public transport, however if I went back to the daily commute, the SV would be the one for me. Of course I would also keep my 1400 for the weekends though :grin:
  8. I've had 2 SVs so I'm biased and say they are good. Upgrade the suspension and they are much better too.

    If you do look hard enough then you can find yourself a bargain 'Storm, but be prepared for a high k's bike.

    You oculd also look at Suzuki V-Stroms, if you want a more rugged bike.
  9. He's used to riding a Harley so he might like the soggy standard suspension :p :p :p
  10. Hey, I am itchin to get a new M109, so my M50 would have to go.

    Debaffled, debadged, Braided lines, TFI unit, 11,000 km and 8 months old, in basic black.

    Pm me if any interest.
    Price is always negotiable!
  11. the m50's a nice bike, but i think the next cruiser i'll buy will be another harley when i finish uni. in the mean time i need something that won't get too much attention from thieves/drunk losers etc. i ride to get from a to b, im not really into too many mods and carbon fibre this and that.

    a vtwin naked's the way to go for me... i even like the ducati monster, though usually a good one is beyond my price range.
  12. thanks mate
  13. Go the firestorm.. :twisted:
  14. Bike

    Still got my mate's TRX 850 $5500. PM if you're interested. Duncan
  15. Re: Bike

    Thanks. I got my sights set on the vtr, but i like the trx, and yours looks nice, i'll keep it in mind