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RainEx on visor

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by devonuto, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. I've got two visor's the original clear visor that came with the helmet which I started using Rainex on the outside, and Rainex anti-fog on the inside. After a while it seemed to make the visor a lot more dirty and harder to keep clean. For this reason I haven't yet used it on my new tinted visor.

    Is is ok to use, and if so does anyone have any hints on how to avoid the visor getting ruined from continued use?
  2. If you spray stuff on your visor, it will eventually collect dust (much like a car's windscreen). Just clean your visor regularly and it'll stay good as new. :)
  3. What do you suggest cleaning the visor with for best results?

    I was more concerned that perhaps the rainex was effecting the plastic of the visor and breaking it down, which I thought was causing the discolouration.
  4. I use Morning Fresh. Ordinary everyday dish washing liquid. A tip I learned in primary school from the bus driver who used it to prevent fogging on his windscreen. He cleaned the inside of his windscreen with it. For some reason it leaves a film that prevents fogging. I assume (I'm no scientist) it prevents water from sticking. If it gets dirty, water will stick to the dirt which is why you can't leave it on the outside wihout rincing.
  5. The Rain X products have an alcohol base, and for that reason I wouldn't use them on plastics.
    I use Plexus, which is an aviation windscreen (perspex) cleaner. It's really, really good at cleaning and polishing the plastic.
    It's also really expensive, but a can should last you, say 10 years! It also works great on gauge faces etc.
    Luckily we have it at work so I pay nothing for it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. A handy little bottle of cleans and beads on the outside of visor :grin:
  7. I cut about a 20cm square section out of a chamois, moisten it and keep it in a sandwich bag in my pocket. Keeps the visor clean with no residue. If you want the raindrops off your visor - go faster!
  8. that's soemthing i'm yet to discover...

    how bad does the raindrops cover the visor? badly(ie: pull over? not so badly? they just run straight off?

    for example purposes... assume you're doing city riding... ie: up to 60k's... but usually under
  9. hehe Dirk, if your at dirran ...what moisture...just joking....or did Cubbie actually let the river run...
  10. Nice rain and a clean visor the water should bead off at speed.
    Water and road grime in city traffic is another story.
  11. is it easy to just wipe the stuff off?

    i found as it drizzled... (after getting home)... and i wiped at it... it just made my visor smudgey...

    and when i was learning and it was raining... we all had out visors up... speeds we were going really didn't let any water in :p
  12. I have been told to use a sunglass hut care kit, ive heard it works well
  13. The bus driver! They are a wealth of knowledge. Mine just had the biggest mutton chops you'll ever see! :LOL:

    I had used RainX on my Old visors both clear and tinted. The clear one did get a little smoky the tinted one seemed okay. I also used to put some RainX on my front wind screen that also seemed to be okay.

    I now use plexus for everything. It's the Shit. I love it.
    Will have to try the washing detergent come winter time.
  14. Yep, never try wiping your visor whilst riding. Water should bead and run off - especially if you position your head so the visor meets the air coming off the screen. A small drop of oil/dead bug/whatever can very easily smear over the entire visor if you try wiping - leave it alone and it should just stay as a spot (if it gets too bad pull over and clean your visor).
  15. Hey, I'm forty three, I remember rain.
    And don't get me started on Cubbie, I work right next door and will defend them to the death.