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Rainbow TV

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Flipper, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. I remember this show, being a kid in Britain at the time. Kids used to love it, there were several episodes like this, that were full of adult innuendo, of course the kids didn't understand it. There was another show called Captain Pugwash, he used to knoxk about with Master Bates and Seaman Stains, true story
  2. i can vouch for the pugwash show - i used to love it when i was a kid but never until i was a bit older did i get the innuendo
  3. Nodz, if you read a bit further down the rainbow tv page it mentions Captain Pugwash and I quote "-

    "Someone asked about another childrens TV show "Captain Pugwash" and it's characters names such as Master Bates, Seaman Staines, Pirate Willy and Roger the Cabin Boy.
    In fact, the crew of the famous Black Pig ship included sailors with no such names: present on board were Master Mate, Tom the Cabin Boy, and Pirates Barnabas and Willy."

    Although I can see how you can get Master Mate & Master Bate mixed up
  4. Well they couldn't play those shows now a days as half the kids would know exactly what there on about. & the ones who didn't get it soon would once it was all over the news.
  5. actually this was an episode recorded for 'the secret policemans ball' which was a rather adult orientated police charity bash in the uk, they also used to do stuff like 'sindarella' another adult only christmas panto.

    a bit of trivia for you, jeffry, the dude on rainbow, now drivesa a private hire taxi round the houndslow area of london (near heathrow airport)
  6. I just loved the fact that they all kept straight faces :shock: :shock: :D :LOL:

    and the inuendo was flying thick and fast :LOL: 8) :twisted: :p