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rainbow serpent

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by carri27, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. bit belatedly but given there are a few psy-trance and doof fans out there (thread - what else are we interested in), anyone going to Rainbow Serpent this wkd or is everyone doing Big Day Out? or maybe you'd rather be listening to the music of your engine and just enjoying a damn good fang. should be good weather for it.

    well, if you're at RS might see u there. taking car - too much camping gear to fit on the bike....

    have fun, whatever you're doin' :)
  2. Oh man. I just got back in from the Melbourne Big Day Out.
    It was awesome. It was loud. It was hot and fortunately, no rain.
    In particular, I thoroughly enjoyed Iggy Pop. He is quite the consumate performer. :grin: :grin: :grin:
    The Beasts of Bourbon were playing well to the crowd. Henry Rollins providing his seal of approval during his show.

    BDO rocked.
  3. You see mudvayne at all? if so how were they?

    I didnt bother goin this year. Personally think its the worst line up theyve had for a while. Wasnt gonna go for one band, parkway drive was the only other band i was interested in an they only played at gold coast.

    Oh well, glad you enjoyed it anyways :grin:
  4. No, missed Mudvayne.

    I noticed that it was a bit of a flesh fest. The OFARCS would have been wearing their eyes out.
  5. was thinking about it, but friends weding fri night. so. nope.
  6. cool - also thinking of a daytona this year and looking for a bf who might pay the insurance....open to offers :)

    the story on the photo with the rainbow u have is that for the opening ceremony on saturday night at 8.00pm, just as an aboriginal elder started speaking, that rainbow came out, and the moment he stopped speaking it disappeared. it was pretty cool, and a bit freaky :)

    the whole festival was fab, and Son Kite in particular were a highlight - my legs have never worked so hard on a dancefloor \:D/

    hope you get everything paid off soon and can start partying again...cheers, c
  7. good to hear :) I've been going to doofs for just on 13 years, so I don't mind missing out here and there. Heard this was one of the best RS's ever though, and that's saying a lot..