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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Donshe, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. How do people normally start off with riding in the rain?

    Or is it just a case of get out there and adjust to it?
  2. i just got out there and started doing it to be honest mate. First you need a rainy day... and wet weather gear. Its not too much different from the dry. Keep things really smooth and don't ride too fast or ride in the center of the lane (it gets slippery there). It's the worst during light rain or just when it starts raining becuase all the oil is sitting on top of the water...

    Practice in areas you know, in slow speeds till you get more confident :) you'll be sweet
  3. Sweet, whats wet weather gear? Just something waterproof over the top?

    I was going to ride today, but not anymore with whats going on outside now lol
  4. i wasn't too sure bout riding in the rain - til the day i was 10 minutes from home when the heavens opened!!!

    i wasnt going home, couldn't contact the ride leader to say i wanted to stop - so just had to keep going....adjusting my speed and watching everything around me really carefully.

    now i just have to work out where the heck the wipers are for the visor :p
  5. My wiper's on top of the index finger of my glove. Check Kezza, you may have one :grin:
  6. that doesn't work when u forget to put the visor down.... :oops:

    of course, it was the best free facial i've ever had.... :LOL:
  7. You can get a product called Rain-X from auto stores. It costs about $13 i think. You wipe it on your visor and after a few applications it makes the raindrops bead off, improving vision.

    You can get plastic pants to go over your jeans from outdoor/camping or motorbike accessories shops.

    Winter gloves from the motorbike shop are more water resistant and some have a spongey liner on the index finger which you can use to wipe water from your visor/brow or whatever.
  8. Ride like the bike will lowside at any given time, specially around bends...keep the bike as upright as possible.. Obviously distance factors between cars increases dramatically to the point of ridiculous as emergency braking in the rain is like when you use to do that cool brake slide thing on your BMX when you were a kid on the gravel...

    Oh and if you have a bright jacket, and a cool black one, where the bright coloured one...ride like you're invisible applies even more as heavy rain decreases visibility. So if your headlights aren't hardwired to the ignition, switch them on!!
  9. Take everything a lot smoother than normal, you dont want to shock that contact patch between the tyres and the road.

    Watch out for anything shiny on the road and avoid it like plague.

    Give yourself and extra second of gap when following another vehicle, so 3 seconds instead of 2.

    Once your tyres are warmed up you would be surprised how much grip is actually available, so don't be scared to get out there. :)
  10. Too bloody easy.
  11. Rain-X eats plastic, visor plastic, plastic turn white, rider turn blind, evvilllll...
  12. Rain-X is definitely a no no on plastic.
    Especially if it has any laminates or anti-fog layers.
    All corrosive :(

    Has anyone hit heavy puddles on a bike?
    What happens? In a car you can feel yourself aqua plane through but you're always on 4 wheels... what happens on a bike??
  13. Wouldn't trust Rainx either, even says on the bottle not for plastic. I use good ol Mr Sheen
  14. i do the old "head-check wiper" at over 80kmph do a head check both ways to blow the rain off :D
  15. Smooth means that all control inputs - throttle roll on, roll off, steering inputs, brake inputs are gradual and progressive.

    In the early part of rain, treat the road with a high degree of suspicion.

    Once the road is well wet and washed, it'll be a bit more forgiving providing the water isn't pooling.

    https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=16512 is a funny experience when I was out riding, without wet gear, and an ultraheavy downpour. :)
  16. a raindrop hit my eye once, and dam it hurt.

    and that was just at cruising speed, it was just a windy day
  17. I did my first ride in decent rain this morning... it wasn't nearly as scary as what I expected... although I did have one moment where my bike started wobbling for no apparent reason (ie, no groove in the road or something that I rode through). I figure I must have hit some oil or something? It was pretty scary... for about a second... until it was over... I didn't really react to it... ie just tried to keep going straight... by the time I had really registered what was happening it was pretty much over... not sure what the best thing would be for me to do in this situation in the future? How common is it?

    But other than that I quite loved riding in the rain today. Shame I don't have waterproof pants though... my draggins are still soggy!
  18. i brought spare sock, pant and shirt today :LOL:
  19. Riding in the rain isn't as bad as some people make out, just be a bit more cautious and aware of some of the things mentioned here and you'll be right.