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RAIN: should I or not?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tonee, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. its going to be wet all week and i'd like to be riding to uni rather catching delayed trains.

    So far i have a leather jacket and pair of gloves, helmet, and just bought top and bottom wets today.

    you guys think i could get away riding in this week's weather without the proper pants and shoes for the mean time and just take it easy with the throttle and cornering?
  2. Let's see;

    Chances of falling off in the dry, reasonable

    Chances of falling off in the wet; greater

    Reality of losing skin no matter WHAT the road conditions; almost certain

    Save up, buy the rest of your gear, catch the train

    Your epidermis will thank you
  3. You'll be fine .. until you come off. :shock:
    +1 Paul

    Dress for the slide
  4. Play it safe and get the right gear first especially as you haven't got a lot of experience and the conditions could range from fine to dreadful.
    As for the trains is a train 5-10min late really that much of a pain and most are only 2-5min late during the peak.
    I should know I drive them!
  5. Thanks guys,
    althought the weather now doesnt look too bad at all but who knows what would happen later on the day...
    stupid train better not be delayed again.

    Oscara: some are only a couple of minutes late, but those minutes makes me miss my other train at flinders.
  6. Oh well nothing we can do about that but at least you can ride to work soon enough then trains can become a distant memory for the most part.
  7. It takes me approximately 40-50 min to travel 4 stations. Flagstaff to south Yarra. In the worst case, 1 hr 15 min
  8. Buy your gear first.

    i have all the gear and ride in the wet. (not a big fan of public transport) you should also remember that when riding in the wet even with the right gear. your still going to get wet. looking like a drowned rat at uni and lugging wet gear sucks!

    you also need to think about once your gear is wet its wet for a while. chances are you ride in the rain on day one you will be putting on wet boots and gloves for the next 2 or 3 days.
  9. I find that very hard to believe, you have a choice of catching any of these trains, Frankston, Pakenham or Cranborne.
    So 40min to travel 4 stations when you have a choice of 3 different trains to catch is pushing it unless there is a problem with the system.
    Let's not turn this into a Connex bashing thread they do have their problems but people seem to forget about the times trains arrive on time and only remember the times they don't.

    BTW Flagstaff to South Yarra is a 9-10min section.
  10. I'd go for it myself. Having cut my biking teeth in the rainy old UK, I'd never have covered any miles if I hadn't.
  11. If you had boots, I would say go for it.

    Get some boots. [:

    The rule I follow is, generally, if I know I will be on the roads during/near peak times (morning peak, lunch peak and going home time) I always wear boots. If I'm going somewhere at a time when the roads are relatively clear, then sometimes I just wear my regular shoes.

    But I am only ever in regular jeans, at the moment. Kevlar jeans don't fit me anymore, and I'm not in a position to buy more at this point in time.
  12. I've seen this said a lot... what gives? I haven't yet ridden in the wet, but when I lived in NZ I knew a few riders at work that ALWAYS rode, rain or shine, and with their wet weather gear they didn't get wet at ALL.

    Do we just buy cheap rubbish for wets these days or what?
  13. I'm still contemplating. Been riding everyday to uni since it started.
    Got caught out during that massive down pour in Melb few weeks back.
    Now I've just bought a rain suit. Covers me head to toe. Boot and glove covers! lol So all ready for the rain this week and hopefully arrive alive and dry and bike in one piece.

    How dangerous is it lanesplitting in the wet? Do the white lines provide zero traction when wet?
  14. White lines can be very slippery yes :)
  15. I got stuck on some tram lines(North Lygon Street) in my Hilux once... Nearly had to get out and put it in 4wd... Getting off them was fun, although the car behind my didn't think so. Everything is much more slippery, White lines and Tram tracks in particular, also be wary of those dodgey speed bumps, "paved"(As in pavers) sections of roads, the list can go on. Be wary the random shopping back too.
  16. i never go riding in the rain, if i wanted to get wet id go swimming not ride my bike.
  17. ok so the day looked pretty nice today and took the bike to state library for some study.
    I left at 9pm and it was all wet and drizzly. I was covered in my wets but the vision through the droplets on my visor was just crazy!
    Wiping with the gloves doesnt help at all, i even prepared it with Rainx a couple of days ago and that didnt even work.

    is this something we just go to learn and get used to? or are there other solutions besides blades?
  18. i find when going fast enough the water blows off, and sometimes a turn of the head to both sides it will race off! than i can see again for a little bit. otherwise its jus bac to chase the red lights, dodge the white ones.
  19. i tried turning my head as many here says but i guess i wasnt going fast enough.
  20. Another option is to ride with the visor up and wear a set of safety specs ($20) to protect your eyes.