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Rain riding - eeeurrrghh

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by outtalive, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. It's supposed to be summer as we all know but was forced to ride home in the rain a few nights back (the melbourne weather ya know "bad one day, worse the next") didn't really come to grief but found that I had problems keeping the visor clean and took interesections really slowly cos they were awash in freakin' oil.

    Just wanted to know if any of you guys regularly ride in rain and how possible it is (with the right wet weather gear) to bear it if you don't have a car. You see my old bomb has died and I'd rather spend my hard earned savings on a new bike and be carless, only if it's not likely to kill me when winter returns.
  2. Just remeber a quote from an old scottish philosopher (Billy connoly)

    Theres no such thing as bad weather, just bad choices of clothing
  3. My bike is my only transport, so I ride in the rain on a regular basis.

    In the wet, I wear a Dri-rider (which I've had for 9 years and it still works a treat), and some powerfully uncool plastic pants. And I change my tinted visor for a clear one.

    As long as you keep in mind that Melbourne drivers go brain dead as soon as it starts raining, and adjust your riding style accordingly, it's fine. ;)
  4. my vl got stolen so since now my cbr is my form of transport every where.i wear dririder jacket which is water proof.
    for helmet,i always polish the wiser so the water just runs of
  5. Rain doesnt bother me. You just gotta be extra careful, leave a lot more room and get some good wet weather gear.

    BTW its still spring dude :) summer isnt till december
  6. Well I guess it is still spring but on the nicer days it feels like summer ;)

    Gman: What do you use to polish ur visor? Or do you just use a clean cloth?
  7. Just use a dry bar of soap on the inside IE: scrub the dry bar over the inner visor and wipe off with a clean dry rag (This stops fogging from occurring and lasts for months with one application). Then just clean the outside with plain water and a tissue or a chamois every time the bugs build up.
  8. Also, RainX works a treat.
  9. I've ride to work for the last 2 years - either on Max or the CS. When it wet I take is easier and tend not to lane split.

    I've got a Nolan (postie helmet) when I ride Max and a Suomy when I ride the CS. The Suomy doesn't fog up.
  10. dude.
    rain does suck, but if you have the right gear, you stay dry, Everyday i wear Draggin Jeans, if it rains i just put a pair of Motodry pants over the top (they are just like thick waterproof plastic pants). they costed me about $30 bucks. and i never get wet.
    So it just goes to show you dont have to spend big bucks to stay dry. But Generally, the more you spend, the cooler you look and the safe you are.

    I ride to work everyday from out near the calder raceway to the city. and i ride pretty much the same as i do in dry weather, with the exception of being mindful of tramtracks (when i corner) and normal cornering.

    hope we were some help to you..
  11. Just need to be super careful...I am VERY wary of how I accelerate from the lights. It doesn't take much to get the wheel spinning, even once I'm moving :shock: . I also find freeway on ramps to be super slippery a lot of the time. Doesn't help having the metal epansion strips to deal with as well :?

    I never get wet in my DriRiders, unless I've been in heavy rain for a few hours. Then the arm cuffs tend to be a little damp. Otherwise, I'm toasty warm and happy!

    :D :D :D
  12. Clean Visor;
    A cool feature of my gloves is a strip of rubber sewn into the seam of the index finger.
    Works just like a windscreen wiper! :) :D

    Riding in the Rain;
    Until recently, my rule has been, if the Driveway is Dry then I ride to work.
    My Logic was, as long as I get a good ride in the morning; it is worth riding home in the wet.

    That was until, in the wet, a [P]-Plater lost control of his car and slid sideways into me! :( :x

    No matter how conservative you ride,
    cars are MORE dangerous in the wet!!

    From now on, I will avoid riding in the rain, if I can.
    I am glad I learnt this lesson and can still walk!
  13. Thanks for sharing your experiences guys, general consensus seems to be that dri riders are a good idea. I s'pose by the time winter rocks around I should have had almost another year's experience on the road and with some decent gear will be able to tackle the wet safe enough, unless some cage skids and clocks me..but that can happen any time ey?
  14. I rode to work last week on the tuesday and got dernched but it was only my shoes thet really copped it as I've wet weather pants that I keep in a saddle bag and I just chuck them on if it rains.... but I just spent the day walking round to office bare foot... was quite nice :D:p I used to ride my Pushbike in the rain when I was younger so I dont mind getting lil wet as long as I get a change to dry off :p
  15. I love riding in the wet, especially when it's raining heavily.

    You switch on more, you're more aware of the bike's attitude on the road and the feel from the tyres. You are more aware of traffic too.

    Just get decent wet weather gear and go play. The worst that can happen is you come off or someone hits you, but you run the same risk in the dry. Besides, you'll be more alert in the wet so the chances are probably smaller.

    Play, have fun, stay warm and dry and enjoy it.
  16. yep something about the big Vtwins that courses that ! :twisted:

    If you have the right gear a stay dry and warm its really not that much different, just have to allow a few more K's for your tyres to warm up.
    And be more aware of the cages etc .
  17. Why doesn't anyone complain about riding in the rain during winter? It was a hell of a lot colder in the rain then.

    Looks like its going to be raining all week so it going to be a perfect time for everyone to test out their wet weather skills and gear.
  18. Bummer, sounds like you're ok though how's the bike?
  19. Hey Bond Girl, thanks for asking.
    yep, i'm ok. think i got a chipped bone on my knee, as the lump won't go down. but i can't feel it, so i don't care too much.

    and yes, my bike has seen better days! still waiting for his insurance company to sort stuff out. meanwhile i am in purgatory without a bike to ride! arrgh!!! :( :cry: :x :evil:
  20. I'm 32 and the rain has never broken any of my bones. Here's my advice:

    - Leave plenty of room in front while riding;

    - Make sure your visor is clean as the internal condensation and external water will clear more quickly;

    - Stay in the tyre tracks of cars (their radials minimise the water in the tracks);

    - Be vary careful at lights where oil from cars tends to collect;

    - Buy the best wet weather gear you can afford but be sure to get a second pair of riding gloves (it's a biatch to put on wet gloves that freeze your fingers).