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rain rain go away!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wheeler84, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. ARGH!!

    This is so frustrating, only a few weeks into owning my first bike and its rained for a solid week!! Sure its good for the farmers and dam levels but i'm selfish! damn you rain!

    How often do you guys avoid all common sense and go riding in bad weather (excluding out of necessity)? so tempted right now....
  2. I know your pain buddy I have taken a week off to go for a holiday on my bike and yup it rained all week bet you that on Monday when I go back to work it will be sunny :mad: ....
    As for go for ride in the bad weather....I have no other choice as I have no car only bikes :grin:
  3. Its all sun in vic this weekend time to ride.
    It would be better to get some experience in the different conditions
    rather than avoiding it.

  4. thats a good point, I have been so close to heading out a few times... I think i'll just wait a few minutes to see if this calm continues... and 100% of the time within minutes i'm witnessing heavy wind gusts and invariably it starts pissing down! this has been going on all week...

    ouch greyghost that really bites.... I guess I was lucky to have a few weeks of perfect weather when I first got my bike... could've been worse and the weather being vice versa
  5. Sooner or later you are gunna be riding when the wet stuff hits.

    Gear up, and enjoy the experience.

    Remember - white lines = oh sh*t experience - avoid at all costs.

    Not quite as frightening as some make it out to be.
  6. Should be gone by Monday :?

    Know how you feel though, I managed 3 rides before the rain arrived, now I just look at my bike in the garage, lucky to have 2 cars to use as well.
  7. I ride rain, hail or shine. It's not so bad just take it a bit easier than usual, bigger gaps etc, watch for colorful patches and yes those fcukING white lines
    good luck mate
  8. ah yes I have the car for backup as well, unfortunately my VL got written off in a not-at-fault crash I had a couple of years ago, saving on petrol with a 20 year old front-wheel-drive corolla.... no fun at all in.... any conditions :(

    just thinking if I move to pommy land for a while a bit down the track, don't think i'll even bother getting a bike...
  9. Unless it's weather you really don't know how to deal with - put on your wets and get out there! Sheesh - you fair-weather riders :p
  10. decided to take the advice of "ride in all conditions", just got a quick 15 minute ride in the wet for first time.. well... it was fairly windy, got a very brief shower during, and roads were fairly damp with occasional oil and sewer lids all over the place.

    I rode extra cautious, didn't feel any loss of traction although I had a feeling I was bagging the rear tire up... revs going up but not much forward momentum... don't suppose its hard to do in the wet even on a babyblade... while I survived it was boring as hell... seeing I only ride for fun I think I might stick to the dry days where possible (or at least when rain is looking like clearing), in the wet its a bit boring
  11. Well done on getting out there. At least you know you can deal with it if you get caught out in it.

    Ha ha... tell that to Raven. I think sometimes he plays more in the wet than dry! Just depends on what you do. Personally, I'm not game to spin it up and slide around corners, but the wet can be a nice change anyway.
  12. get some wets and get out there! if you've got the right gear (spray pants / jacket, water proof gloves and shoes and a clean visor) it's not bad at all riding in the rain. If you know how to ride well, then traction isn't really all that bad either.

  13. actually I don't have any wet weather gear at all, just padded leather jacket and gloves - thats part of the reason I put off riding all week... im a sook and don't want to get wet :) I only ride for fun.

    I have no faith with the traction in the wet.

    I have alot of confidence (after only a month of riding) in the dry to the point where unless I hit something slippery I think it would be my brain overriding what I need to do, causing me to miss a turn rather than the bikes capabilities...

    but in the wet I will probably get overtaken by pushbikes at roundabouts. the reason being, I had a decent stack on my pushy in the wet a couple of years ago from performing a simple turn on a stony concrete footpath, the kind of turn you wouldn't even think twice about even with the minorly damp conditions... as soon as the front tire lost grip there was no saving the stack... ended up with a pretty decent gash in my hand....

    and now I have fairings to worry about!

    But I think its a good point I just have to get out there and do it and know what my bike is capable of in the wet.
  14. I find riding in the wet no fun either, and although been caught out inj it many times, I certainly never feel the need to start out in it. That's why I have cars, so I don't HAVE to get wet.

    That said I went to a rally in April from Sydney to Coffs, it pissed all the way there, and for the first day in Coffs, and we went the long way about 9 hours in the rain riding up. If it wasn't for the annual rally, theres no way I would have set out in it.
  15. i find riding in the twisties in the wet is just as fun as in the dry. its about controlling your bike, not just getting your knee down. try some dirt riding if ya can, so you can get used to the tyres sliding around a bit. you have to do something pretty rash to bin it, you aren't just going to loose traction at the drop of a hat, unless you just throw it in to a corner.

  16. :cool:
  17. I took off to get a new front tyre put on this morning. It was bone dry.

    About 3k's from the shop, it pours and soaks me through. I kept riding through it til I decided to err on the safe side that I wasn't going to be riding on such wet roads with virgin rubber.

    Head back home and it's bone dry again 1km up the road. Dang isolated downpours :mad:
  18. Queensland , perfect one day.....
  19. G'day everyone,.......

    Sounds like someones Bragging!!!
    :LOL: :LOL: :wink:

    Dr Who?
  20. Yep :wink:

    For all the constant boasting from Queenslanders about their weather, this is the time where the rest of us say "SUCK IT UP PRINCESS" put yer bike on a canoe and go for it. :wink:

    This is not directed directly at the director of this topic as my lawyers have informed me that this person hasn't yet boasted about 380% humidity and having to go riding at 4am to avoid the heat :wink: