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Rain Radar - Melb

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Black Betty, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Just wonered if anyone can guestimate how long it takes a rain band to cross thro' Melb?
    ie: if its falling in Ballarat/Daylesford/Kyneton would be 1 - 2 hrs from the city?
    I check the radar before I go - but would like to know if I can get away with a 100 or 200km spin & get back without getting wet.
    And before you say it
    1. I know the wind will play a big factor in this
    2. Yes - I do have wet weather gear & am already riding in it 'cos its turned so damn cold!
    Cheers :grin:

  2. When you use the loop feature, each image is about 10 minutes apart. That should give you some idea of the speed.
  3. I use the loop feature too :)

    yesterday I checked the radar...big blue spots just west of geelong,
    Im in the outer Nth and wanted to go to the Sth east....

    I figured I'd have enough time to get where I needed before the rain.
    I set off, wearing my dririder(just incase)....lucky for me!
    an hour and a bit later, Im on the freeway, I go into the tunnel...ahhh warm as toast, no wind, next thing I emerge out the other side and its raining, lightly but still enough to make me slow down.
    By the time I got to warrigul rd I was drenched....the rain was coming down in buckets.When I got to my destination, I removed my boots and emptied a fair amount of water...I could have had a gold fish in there and it would have survived :p and NO I didnt have my pants tucked in :twisted: (makes note to hurry up and find suitable boots, Ive been searching for 3 months and cant find anything to fit my chubby lil calves)
    So having said that, Id guess at maybe 90 minutes before the rain got to you BB :)
    maybe netrider should set up a weather watch thread :!: :p
  4. Cool - agreed Caz - I reckon 1 1/2 hrs if its on the outer western circle - so only a 100km spin it is :)
  5. We have rain in Cranbourne now
  6. had a few sprinkles out here in Craigieburn over the past hour,,,all dry now though!and the wind has died down :)
  7. Have rain here too :p was thinking more along the lines of next weeks rides.
  8. Hi Caz, Falco make a boot that don't have a zip, just a really wide patch of Velcro, so could be adjusted to fit different size legs. I just replaced mine after 10 years of hard wearing. They are comfortable enough to walk around the Island in all day too :grin:
  9. Hi cruisingal :)

    thanks for the info...I'll make some enquiries tomorrow :)
    other than that I will get some made if I have to.
    I've been to Redwing boots in Richmond..they will make me a pair, but I'm not too sure if they are gonna be what I'm after, I want something with very good ankle support after seeing a few pics of what can happen in an "off" to your feet...nasty nasty nasty. :shock:

  10. or you can buy *overboots* that slip over your boots
  11. Hey BB. Taking Tony's advice one step further....

    On the right hand side of the 4slide BOM loop radar are a whole bunch of figures.

    Sooo, click on a rain spot on the first image of the loop - that sets the origin, and now move the pointer to where the same rain spot appears on the last image BUT DON'T CLICK. If you check the 3rd box on the right hand side, you'll see how far away the pointer currently is from the origin you set.

    That's the distance travelled in half an hour. Now double it, and that's the km/hr speed you can use to estimate how long you have before getting drenched.

    The rain spots today look to be moving NE at about 60km/hr.... fairly fanging along!

    One thing to note though... rain also occurs independently of a currently developed rain spot... so keep that in mind.

    Hope this helps.


  12. My Daytona "Flash" boots are non-Goretex(TM) ... I just bought 2 pairs of Goretex(TM) boot liners/socks (ex-British Military issue) off EBay for $40 total. Will be interested to see how they work once they arrive ..
  13. Hey robslavv - you wouldn't be some form of engineer by any chance :p thanks for that - will check it out before riding next week :grin: cheers bb
  14. I ride pushies fairly regular and am too blessed with cows rather than calves...I agree Falco are THE boot see bikebiz, thats where i got mine :)
  15. I had a few of you kind Netriders PM me (bombarded actually :p :LOL: )
    with info about boots...thanks to all that gave me advice.

    I ended up getting a pair yesterday from Raceway Suzuki in Niddrie, great service, not pushy and reasonable prices too!

    I ended up with a pair of ALPINE STARS "LEAD" woo hoo..Im so happy I've been stomping around in them all day yesterday, and Ive got them on now too :oops:
    They are comfy enough to withstand a day at the island..or a day out shopping(yeah Im a girl):p And for $229 I couldn't be happier :grin: :grin:
  16. Some people are just so kind.. :grin: Glad you got your boots Caz..
  17. Norti people for PM the details. [-X [-X [-X

    Why not make the advice public so everyone can benefit?