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Rain Pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MaxBiker, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hey all, I have been enjoying the Melbourne rain for the past year or so, and because i ride so much and so far i usually hit the rain daily. now, to keep myself dry, I have been investing in the $40 pair rain plastics that go over your riding gear. these have only lasted about 3 or 4 rides until the next rain when my crotch gets soaked through. I noticed that with my bike and the way i sit on it, it has been stretching out the crotch seams and therefore causing the paints to be useless. I tried to fix this by getting a 3XL (I usually wear the L), and it still didn't fix the wet crotch problem. I have had some ideas about getting ski pants, but figure they would be too warm in the summer. I know dragon Jeans sell a "water proof" set, but I would rather just have something I can throw on over my pants if needed.

  2. Aldi might still have some rain suits on special if you get there before Saturday.
    Realistically, there are very few products around that won't leak a bit.
  3. RS Taichi Rain Suit are good...however they are on the more expensive side of rain suits. Mine has held through heavy rain and hail without fail since April this year. It has only been 4 months, however I use it everyday due to good wind resistance.

    Can see a few reviews in this thread
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  4. I use rjays tornado pants to throw over when it rains. Cost me $30 and I have been using them for 5 months regularly without a leak.
  5. I've used Aldi and a RJays cheapo $30 pants (Not the tornado) and they're both crap.

    Someone here mentioned that these Motodry Pants are pretty good.
  6. I bought a set off the back of reports made on Netrider. Yep, a bit expensive but good quality. Have been in a few downpours and no issues, no wet crotch etc...
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  7. I use those workman's hi-vis waterproof pants............worked a treat and not a drop goes through. Its also easier to get on than the cheapo dririder pants with or without liners
  8. My current pair are MotoDry, they have lasted longer than the DriRiders or Rjays pants I've had in the past, but that's not actually saying much. The last pair of Rjays leaked the first time I wore them.
  9. Is your crotch only getting wet when it rains ?
  10. Are they from Bunnings?
  11. +1 to this I have a set and ride every day to and from work, not a drop gets through. Worth every cent they cost IMO.

    I also use the jacket every day for the wind proof benifit as I only have an RS Taich jacket at the moment and no issues with getting cold.

    Highly recommended and Alex who sells them is a great bloke to deal with and is local.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  12. Yes, I talked to Alex today, and he was very helpful with all my questions and concerns. I will be ordering my pair tomorrow as I work the afternoon shift. If all goes well and the quality is as good as everyone is saying, I have a few guys that I ride with that will want a set themselves.
    Thanks for all your help, guys


    Oh, and to answer Phil01; no, my crotch also gets wet when I fire up my V-twin and feel he power between my legs. But I know plastics won't fix that, nore do I feel like it's a problem. :)
  13. Nope I got them from a specialty store in Parklea Markets...... for a workwear they were pretty expensive but still far cheaper than motorcycle gears. They have different thickness and quality rain gear so go with the best ;).

    For some reason motorcycle specific stuff are always much more expensive.......work gear stuff is usually pretty cheap.