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Rain pants recommendation

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. Look for recommendations on rain pants - a thin and compact pair to put over leather pants if/when it rains hard. Elastic waist, velcro tabs or zippers at the ankle, enough room in the ankle area to pull over the top of boots, and a pair that doesn't make you have sweat dripping down your leg.

    Something like http://www.gobike.com.au/prod4073.htm

    Price and location of your recommendation would be good :)
  2. I bought a pair of Rivet rain pants from Peter Stevens.
    $80 drier than a nuns.................

    Bit pricey but work real well.

    There are other thinner pants that I got from the likes of katmandu/snogum shops for ~$30 but they didnt remain waterproof for long.
  3. I bought MotoDry, think they were about 40 bucks, rode in them from before Orbost to Lakes Entrance, kept me perfectly dry, top and bottom. Fold up into a small package, I keep them in my mini-Ventura bag all the time.
  4. Jason, the ones you link to there look disturbingly like the Dririders/MotoDrys (can't remember which) I've got which make me sweat like even more of a pig than I truly am.

    Try them on, 5 minutes in the wrong pair and you'll get that clammy feeling in your legs that'll have you swimming in your own jocks after a short ride. Not only do your legs then end up wet, they're stinky too.
  5. Exactly the feedback I wanted, so I can steer well clear of pants like that.
  6. Yeah, these are the thicker/padded one's? I already have a pair of lined pants and am looking for something really thin that roll-up well to take touring.
  7. i've got a pair that i got from aussie disposals. they're a thin textile thats waterproof and breathable and much tuffer than the plastics. elastic waist, zip at the ankles, and a nice satin feeling liner that feels good on my legs when i'm wearing shorts under them on the pushy :D

    the brand is "blizzard" and they set me back about $50. one of the best $50 i ever spent tho, they copped a pasting every wet day on my pushy for a year and now they roll up and go in my bag on suspect ride days.
  8. Safeway bags and duct-tape !!! Dirt cheap, too :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. El cheapo RJays from Bikemart. About $25, IIRC.

    So far they're keeping the rain out ok - it'll be interesting to see how long this continues though.

    They've got press studs at the bottom of each leg, but I still can't pull them on over my great clod-hopping boots.

    They're not especially breathable, but they don't seem to make me too sweaty. They roll into a tight bundle and don't take up much space at all.

    Good value for the money.
  10. We Honda riders have too much class ... we'll leave that to you Suzuki chookie riders.
  11. It's impossible to have a thin nylon set, single skin, that's waterproof in only one direction.
    No way around some sweating in any of those.
    (Particularly when the leathers/ draggins are already damp at the time of putting the wets on).
  12. It's not so much the waterproofing in the other direction, it's the airproofing... Let a bit of air through to circulate and you don't start sweating inside.

    I've got a couple of pairs of thinner wets that came rolled up in a sort of bumbag attachment to my MotoDry cordura riding pants. They've always kept me dry but they seem to breathe enough that I don't start to sweat. Sadly I've got no idea where or even whether you can buy them separately, so I can't really point Jason anywhere.

    But that's the sort of thing I'd look for if I ever needed to replace them. The thicker ones are absolutely useless, last time I used them (to the airport in a real downpour) my draggins inside were so foul, soggy and stinky by the time I got there - just from sweat - that I had to change before getting on the plane. What good is that?
  13. I bought the same thing a while back, also for riding the pushy (only paid 30 bucks though). They definately do "breathe" well and I've worn them through some pretty severe storms without getting wet, definately worth checking out.
  14. which is why i like my daks so much. if they can take a 20 min pushy ride without letting my legs get wet from sweat or rain then they're doing pretty well.

    and it looks like i get to use them tonight too..... YAY!!! :roll:
  15. it could have been $30.... who knows :LOL: my memory is about as much use as one armed man on a set of monkeybars :oops:
  16. True but sweat evaporates off as water vapour, not water so it's simply a case of designing the material so the holes are small enough that water can't get through (due to its surface tension) but large enough to let air through (forget the actual size required though).
  17. If you want ones that breathe then your only option is GoreTex pants.

    I have a GoreTex jacket and that is brilliant! Cost me about $400 bucks from Snowgum, but I can wear that with a T-shirt underneath and be very comfy.

    The great thing with GoreTex is that it does breathe, so you dont get that clammy sweaty feeling, the only downside is that they are pricey.

    Personally, I would be spending the money on the GoreTex ones, the quality is excellent and they will last forever if you look after them.

    Alternitaves are the Rainbird pants, which are similar to the ones listed above, a standard nylon pant that does not breathe and gets sticky after a while from the condensation.

    In the GoreTex range - something like this

    GoreTex Website - Pants

    Paddy Pallin - Pants

    Or this - Paddy Pallin

  18. I did the motodry pants and top, found them to be okay, except that you need to dress one layer lighter than you would have if it wasn't raining.
    Otherwise I work up a sweat!