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rain on my visor

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by matress, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    This may sound like a stupid question, but....

    I was riding last night in the rain down the Monash & Westgate freeway on the little MadAss and every time the traffic started moving fast enough, I had to shut my visor to stop the rain from hitting me in the eyes, but then my visor kept getting covered in water which made it very hard to see! It got so bad as I went over the Westgate that I couldn't even see my speedo! :oops:

    Is there anything I can do?


    Mat :)
  2. I use Mr Sheen on my visor it helps water bead up, some people use rain x and swear by it as well.

    If you are travelling fast enough (80 km +) you can move your head sideways and the wind will blow the water off.

    If not you only have 2 options left. One is to keep visor open, the other is to wipe it with your glove every now and then.
  3. :WStupid:
    RainX, and turn your head sideways every so often
  4. +1 to both, plus some gloves, have a little wiper style blade on the index finger of the glove, the ones i use have don't so i just use the inside of the index finger it's got a softleather/fur type material, which seems to do the job, though over time will scratch the visor :wink:
  5. +1 but it doesnt work in fog :eek:
  6. Guys I read somewhere (might have been netrider or another forum) that RainX is actually bad for the visor and doesn't work - is this true?

  7. Some lid/visor makers dont recommend it and the difference it makes is less than it makes on glass but it does help.
  8. Thanks 2wheelsagain! :beer: Guess who's going to be picking up some RainX during lunch today. Yay!
  9. i generally don't use rainx it to much anymore anyway (ran out never bothered getting anymore....i find just by keeping the visor clean (wash it with warm water and dishing washing liquid) and then a quick wipe with the glove if i clear it but turning head and letting the wind clean it
  10. But not too warm - I once destroyed the anti-fog film of one of my visors by using hot water to clean the visor. Had to go out and buy a new visor altogether because of the adhesive residue fogging the vision. :p
  11. Thanks guys!

    I'll go get some RainX and give it a go.

    I also have the problem of it fogging up, is there a similar sort of thing I can put on the inside of the visor?
  12. +1 for catcrap. You'll need to reapply every so often, but a little container should last you a while.

    You can also open up your visor just a tiny bit if you don't mind a bit of cold air. On my helmet, it lets the air in to eliminate any fog, but doesn't allow any rain in.
  13. +1 on the gloves with a bit of windscreen wiper built in.

    On the beast I have worked out that if I drop the windscreen a little it creates air turbulence that actually forces the rain down the visor. Very cool trick, but you have to have a barge arse bike like mine with electric screen to do it. (God I sound like a wanker!)

  14. Just use dish washing liquid... I tried Catcrap from Netrider, it's shit and doesn't work near as good.
  15. I got some rain-x last night, seems to work a treat! ...although it was only a light drizzle this morning :)

    I need some anti-fog now
  16. raindrops keep falling...

    Hey there, a really good question, and one, that after the weekend I had in p*ssing rain in melbourne, was going to post myself..

    I reckon Windex might work, but a few reviews I have read on this (and Rain X) have bagged them. No harm in trying though.

    From memory I remember a friend once saying that he used a Silicon based spray on his car window for great results.. Silicon 808 or something it was called maybe?

    Someone mentioned gloves that have a rubber strip on them? Thats pretty cool. I dont have a pair of those, but no reason why you couldnt cut a strip of winder wiper blade off and superglue it onto your glove?

    I never thought to just turn my head. Will give that a go too.

    cheers, Greg