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Rain on Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ruffler, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Iam without the car,so the Beast is here at work with me,but it's park on the street with chain and disc lock.
    My question or comment is ,Its bloody raining :x and not used to my bike being rain on.
    This ok I know,but is it really (rain) ok on the Bike?? :(

  2. Do you really think they would design a bike so that rain would be harmful to it?? That would just be silly. yes the bike will be ok out in the rain.
  3. generally doesn't hurt it, most of the electrics are sealed, bikes are generally designed to handle being damp occasionally. The biggest thing to worry about in coastal areas is salt damage from the air, so give the bike a wash and lube regularly.
  4. Noooo, you won't be able to start it ever again. You must immediately run outside and drape yourself over the bike to protect it from raindrops. Whilst lying on the bike in teh rain, ensure your hands are kept warm so that they are quick enough that you can block any errant drops from touching the engine's side.

    Immediately also enlist the help of a workmate to take a photo of you doing the above, so that you can post it and show us all how silly you look! :LOL:
  5. I ride everyday, and although at home the bike gets kept in the garage, at work the bike is out in the open and exposed to the weather.

    And I have never had a problem with rain on any of my bikes. They were designed to be ridden in all weather after all.

    As Dan said though, if you're near the coast and get salt whipped up by winds, then you'll need to protect the bike from corrosion.
  6. No, of course not it will cause the bike to dissolve. You should bring it into the office immediately, remove your clothes, and use them to dry the bike :LOL:
  7. It'll generally be OK, but if your bike is getting a bit long in the tooth, you may find the odd electrical niggle. WD40 is good for that sort of shit.

    Also your brake discs will get a little surface rust pretty quickly. Just dab the brakes a few times when you first start up.

    My first bike had a stiched seat. When it rained, water used to get into the foam. When you sat on it for weeks the water used to come out and wet your arse.

    I had to carry around a plastic bag to put over the seat.
  8. yep, its toast :(

    within the hour, it'll start melting. another 2-3 hours on and it'll just be a puddle blackish goo on the footpath. next time, park it in your office, you wouldn't leave your girlfriend out in the rain to melt would you? motorbikes have feelings too you know :x
  9. Thanks,
    This oldie is very passionate about his ride,are'nt we all.
  10. It'll shrink
  11. yup :D i always cringe when my bike is parked in the open and i see a few droplets. funnily enuff, i have no problem riding in pissing down rain, i just hate it sitting there in it :?
  12. That's only if its cold
  13. And a male bike .
  14. lmao ......... only if its british ....... in which case throw it a bar of soap
  15. That will depend on whether he's decided it's a boy bike or a girl bike...
    (Yeah, so I've just been reading the Bike Name thread! :p)

    Actually, what will happen is that the first drops of rain distort the time reality continuum surrounding the bike and it stretches and warps it into wierd shapes - such as a Virago or even something in teal - till the discontinuum shorts out and your bike remains in it's last structure.

    This is how you can ride to work on a GPX250 and come home on an S3.

    Yes officer, I'm sure it's my bike... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Don't listen to this bullshit, it will be just fine, but don't under any circumstances leave a glass of neat 18yo Scotch on the saddle, or in 5 minutes it will be as weak as Jack Daniels No7 designer lolly water for poofs.
  17. Should've had one of those little umbrellas in it :LOL: .
  18. It's perfectly obvious that rain is inherently very very bad for motorcycles.
    Why else would they stop a perfectly good motoGP just because it starts to rain. :D

  19. What colours ya bike Dale?

    Is it the red one in our c/park?
  20. yeah when the bikes at rest rain is no good on it

    its ok when you ride because you ride away from the raindrops falling