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Rain - it sucks

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by edgelett, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. I got caught in the rain yesterday for the first time. My BF has to start work an hour before I do, so he gets up & checks the weather forcast on Foxtel to see whether any rain is forcast. if it is, he takes the car. if not, he takes the bike. I base my decision on whether to ride in or take the bus on whether he takes his bike.

    Yesterday he took his bike, so I took mine. noting that it looked rather grey outside I though to myself "oh it will probably clear up - cause Tony would have checked the forecast"

    Little did I know he was running late & DIDN'T check the forecast at all. Since he knocks off work at 3pm he managed to miss all the rain & get home safely. I, however, was drenched. I rode 50 kph the whole way, and stayed well back of the car in front. I also started breaking long before an intersection so I had longer to stop.

    The thing that sucked was the vision. With the visor down, I was having trouble seeing through a wet visor. with the visor up, I could see a little better but had rain splattered into my eyes.

    it is an experience i do not wish to repeat volintarily!! I couldn't ride today cause my boots & gloves are still wet.
  2. I was nearly going to ride yesterday too. The weather in the morning wasn't too bad. Glad I took the train though. Good to hear your first wet ride was a safe one edgelett.
  3. I agree edgelett the rain does make things much more tricky. I mave most trouble with the fog on my visor and the oil flicked up off the road smearing on my visor. Oh, and white lines, they make you do great wheel spins unintentially :(
  4. Ah yes, riding in the rain. Separates the er, um, oh forget it edgelet, that just didn't work :LOL:
  5. My favourite wet ride :-

    Brown Mountain (in case you don't know, is a very nice set of twisties on a mountain). Chain is loose, I don't have the tools to fix it. Know there is a bike shop in next town. Trying to get there.

    Starts to piss down. Really piss down. Visibility is about 20 metres. Middle of winter. Start to shiver. Don't want to pull over and wait it out, want to make it to town to get a nice warm shower.

    Made it there fine. Bloody scary, but great frigging fun :)
  6. Riding in the wet is great fun on scenic roads, just gotta take it easy. Nothing like drying off near an open fire at a cozy pub somewhere in the Otways after doing the Colac-Lavers hill road and getting wet (as you usually do all year round)

    Commuting is a bit of pain in the wet though.
  7. cleaning the bike afterwards took FOREVER too - but I just can't bear to put the cover on a dirty bike.
  8. Riding in the rain you get used to - riding in hail really sucks (riding through snow is just plain cold).
  9. i actually dont mind riding in the rain, i just take it really easy. What i hate is riding on the freeway in the rain, because all the other dickheads dont drive any differently, ie they still tailgate you and tha really is scary in the wet.
  10. I my experience it seems most people actually go faster the heavier it rains (probably worried their car's getting wet).
  11. Get over it, and get used to it. With the right gear riding in the rain can be almost just as enjoyable as dry weather, and it gives you are chance to practice your defensive riding skills and road craft.

    BTW I used to live in Melbourne so I feel your pain, thats why I moved to a sunnier state ;)
  12. In what country dude? From my experience, everywhere in oz takes 10 -30% off when in the wet. It s#its me to tears when people are doing 60 in an 80 zone just cos it's raining. I can understand if it's pouring that hard that it affects your vision, but in an average shower?!?! Some people really need to learn how to drive in all conditions. :roll:
  13. Rain is nothing, a full storm with torrental downpour and wind is something else!! :shock:
  14. Ha Ha, living in warm dry sunny Perth I'm really enjoying this thread......(takes my mind off the fact I can't ride at all...bugger).
  15. Rain is ok, storms and high wind are bad, hailstorms are really bad... but what really sucks is high wind, rain and sleet storms happening when you are doing the BMW icicle club ride in the middle of winter :shock:

    I never complained just about how cold it was after that (well ok... not as often anyway) :LOL:
  16. Riding in the rain is fun, I lvoe feeling the bike squirm around in corners and spinning the rear wheel up :p it's the only time that kind of stuff happens on a 250 :oops:
  17. Hmm, well maybe it's just a Ballarat thing. People generally drive at or below the limit when it's dry but as soon as we get heavy rain everyone seems to start driving at 10~20kph over the limit.
  18. Come to think of it, I love riding rain, hail or shine. 8)
    Its the cleaning that I've room from improvement. :LOL:
  19. Commuting 120km per day into and out of Melbourne I can tell you that your riding gear has a major effect on how much you like or hate riding in the wet.
    On the vision side there are lots of visor treatments around that in effect polish the plastic and a lot of the rain and gunk slip off easier. Nothing is perfect though.
  20. What do people use to stop the visa fogging up inside and to keep the rain off the outside?