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Rain + Diesel = pretzel

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Been a few weeks since I have been on deck. Riding in the rain on saturday 11th July and hit a huge diesel spill near Moggs Creek GOR on the way back to Geelong. Bike is a write-off.

    Should be on a bike in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Hey man, glad to hear you're ok! I was wondering what happened to you.
  3. not news i wanted to hear! hope all is ok, good to hear you're back on soon enough :)
  4. Big bugger!

    What you replacing the beast with?
  5. Woah, it sounds like you escaped pretty lightly considering you'll be on a bike again very soon. Are you totally ok?
  6. awww such a prrretty machine... pics of said pretzel??

    cya soon with your new machine... (which is?)
  7. Sorry to hear about your off Skuffy. Glad you are OK.
  8. Wow thats a bugger Mitch. Glad you're ok (now)
    Bet you miss the 14. Whats on your shopping list?
  9. Bugger! Sorry to hear mate, glad you're okay though.

    To echo 2wheels, what's on the shopping list??
  10. Hi all.

    Thanks for your concerns. I am ok, bit of a knock on the head but apart from that the usual aches and pains.

    The new bike, lets just say I am going back to what I rode well. Further to that, if I drop this bike, I am more likely to be able to pick it up and ride it away. I will have final decisions made tomorrow.
  11. Motard eh?

    Sorry to hear about yer prang Mitch. I had one too, a couple days before you. Broke a wrist and a foot. Just got the bike back together a couple hours ago - now I'm trying to decide whether to take it out for a spin to get some petrol in it... Since my cast just came off a couple days ago and my wrist is still pretty dodgy... :grin:

    Look forward to seeing your new steed. :)
  12. Hey Loz.

    So sorry to hear about your crash......... :(

    I will call you later tonight.
  13. Stop crashing you lot! Yer makin' the place look untidy.

    Heal quickly, the both of ya.
  14. noobs :roll: :LOL:
  15. Skuffy, that's a berluddy bugger mate!! Diesel! It got me on the GOR a couple years back and it got Cejay as well while riding in a straight line! It's evil stuff on a wet road.

    Feel free to join the diesel appreciation club...

    Glad you're ok mate. Good luck on the new steed.
  16. wow, sorry to hear about the off mitch, did the bump to the head knock any sense into you?? :LOL: so what model motard you gonna get mitch?

    as for you loz, wtf, if this the same off as the roundout? (didn't realise you busted your wrist in that one or have you crashed again since???

    farking noobs that can't ride motorcycles :LOL: welcome to the club :oops:
  17. Jeez, Mitch, I was wondering where you were??? Hope things heal up OK, that diesel might be the fuel of the future, but it's a mongrel on the road.

    Loz, you binned the kawa, again? There can't be much of it left....
  18. Sorry to hear about your off Mitch, having ridden with you a few times I'm so glad you do the limit everywhere, it could have been a lot worse if you had been speeding :wink:

    Heal up well dude, you must put pics when you get the new steed!
  19. eh!, eh!?...I must be living in a goldfish bowl!...Did'nt realize you'd decked the bike Skuf. Sorry to hear that, but glad it was'nt a body busta, mate.

    And I also read for the first time that Loz is broken - silly bugger.

  20. main thing is you both are still here to talk about, thats all that matters, heal quick