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Rain + Cagers = Be more alert

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dcsrhat, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Here's an example why it's so important to always stay alert and be in a position to avoid potential disasters......

    So I was stopped at the traffic lights on the way to work, it was lightly raining but the roads were very wet. I see this red Ford ute coming up behind me in my mirrors and it appears to not be slowing down enough, then I hear the ute start to skid....luckily I'm in gear so accelerate forward about 50cm, the ute is still skidding then wham, he nudges me. Luckily by that time he's going less than 10km so jolts me forward only about 20cm, if that, whilst I have my brakes on. Look at the bike appears to be no damage (but will get it checked), get a 'sorry mate' from him, lights change green then I ride away.

    Moral of the story...stay in gear when stopped and give yourself enough room to take evasive action.....and cagers are reckless!!!

  2. I always scan my mirrors when stopped at lights ( no car stopped behind me ) .. In Gear, Clutch in and ready to roll :wink:
  3. So you didn't take his details? If it has a bend in the frame and is a right off that could be an anoying oversite...
  4. whodathunkit?!
  5. "...sorry mate i could've killed you...ho hum"

  6. FALCON-LORD, yeah in retrospect I really should have taken his details. Rookie mistake!!! Bike felt fine when riding, but will still get it checked out
  7. Yeah, my back was twitching the whole ride home yesterday, on wet roads just after sundown. The mirrors got a massive workout...
  8. Geez, you have courage to only move forward that much.. if that were me I would split down the middle and as far away from the ute as possible.

    Glad you're OK
  9. it vaguely occurred to me this morning, as i was merrily aqua-planing across a fcking big puddle:

    "don't ride in the left hand side of the lane"

    thanks for that me.
  10. I shit myself when I see trucks compression braking right behind me.
  11. Yes indeed, and while I'm no legal expert, if it costs much to get it checked out you might have been able to get that out of him too!

    Butz. :beer:
  12. heh.

    I was sitting at some lights on the Princes Hwy yesterday, at the front, when my bike jumped forwards a bit. :shock: Squeezed the clutch a bit and hoped that my cable wasn't about to break on me. Bump. Jumped forwards another 20cm. :shock: Turned around and saw that some P-plater retard had just rolled into me, twice. Glared at his idiot wigger friends in the car next to me, who thought it was all pretty funny. Motioned at him to remove his fcuking car from my rear tyre :mad:

    I still don't have any idea what he was doing (intentional?), but it definitely contributes to the feeling of safety after I have split to the front and have a nice, large car behind me to absorb anything coming from behind.
  13. Should've taken down his plate, that's a negligent driving charge for sure.
    Chances are it could've done damage to your gearbox as well.
    You're a calmer man than I, I'd be tearing the guy out of his car.
  14. Id have at least got that retards number plate and reported him to the cops....and if his mates where skinny little dweebs I'd have flogged him! :evil:

    Of course, flogging him with 2 car loads of guys when they are muscle bound isn't a terribly great idea. Or pulling out the phone to get a photo of his plate...he might of just pushed the bike into the intersection.
  15. The dude was doing it on pupose, ive seen it happen to L platers, they seem to think it is funny, pity they didnt look at the size of the rider, only the Yellow L plate before they did their little trick, may have saved the expensive dentist bill :wink:
  16. What has the wet road got to do with it? You are supposed to be careful always. There is plenty of room left, on the road toll.
  17. sure is rog, lucky OP is still alive to (hopefully) learn, and adjust riding style accordingly.
  18. Similar thing happened to me about 3 years ago now on my old R1. 4 lane Highway, was sitting at the lights [red] far right lane at the front with nothing behind me, already wet roads, lightly raining.

    I noticed headlights behind me bouncing up and down more frequently than usual, realised he was flying, I accelerated in front of the car to my left and watched this white VL slide sideways into the [empty, thank God] intersection and end up facing the wrong way.

    I got off the bike and walked towards the car shaking, the car rips it up turning around as quickly as he could, I managed to punch the boot of the car before he sped off. A couple of cagers got out of their cars and helped me pull my bike over to the footpath whilst I imitated Aeroplane Jelly.

    To this day, I always make sure I have cars behind me when waiting at the lights, and if it's just me I keep a close eye on my mirrors.
  19. ^^^ Far out. Thats a story and a half,

    + 1 for lane splitting to the front now, and checking mirrors at lights, oh and staying in gear at lights,

    Dang mang!!! Cagers, some are freaking retarded,

    The cops are cracking down in a way though, L + P Platers are getting harrased bigtime so theres a plus one for the Fuzz, do society a favour keep young hoons off the road *deja vu* watches ACA today tonight LOL