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Rain and visibility

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Fiery, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. :grin: yay, since my car died I have been riding my bike everywhere and into work and back. Rode home in my first rain tonight and suprise suprise - couldn't see a damn thing! Kept wiping my visor with my hand but I am sure there is something I could spray onto the visor to make the water bead and run off??

    any suggestions please?

  2. Xrain and rainoff. But they advise only using it on glass visors. Plastic visors are often damaged from the chemicals in these things. Apart from that, I've heard its an effort to put it on every couple of times you go out.

    I tried keeping a rag above speedo, under fairing. But it kept falling down. So short of lifting your visor up (200% more visibility IMO), clean your visor before going in the rain, and have something handy to wipe it with. But if you have a highly scratched up visor, you're stuffed.
  3. Won't be long before BMW helmets have a visor wiper option.

  4. I clean my visor everyday with Mr sheen, seems to do the trick. When I'm on the freeway I turn my head a lot so the water can bead off. At low speeds doesnt work so well, just have to wipe it with my hand.
  5. I have a double bubble screen which seems to deflect a lot of rain over my visor so I just crouch under that every now and then to let the water bead off. Other than that I just keep the visor clean.
  6. A few people have reported that rainX does no damage to their visors. I'd keep it off those iridium coated visors though.

    I've never used it myself yet. I must give it a go.
  7. I ride with my visor up, benefits of wearing glasses, i suppose!
  8. The old Mr Sheen ( spray not ex world champ) works a treat on the outside, and wipe on neat washing up liquid then wipoe it off again for the inside as anti fog :grin: . If you use a lemon scented one it even makes it smell nice. I've carried an old pill bottle full of detergent and a clean rag in my jacket pocket for about 20 years now.
  9. RainX works and works well, but needs a few applications over a few weeks to work REALLY WELL.
    FIrst application - no discernible difference - by the time you get to the 5th application - just marvelous.

    You just turn you head slightly side to side, and the rain just runs away.
  10. I just clean my visor with Plexus. Then, if it's raining, the water beads off better, oh, and I just run my finger scross the visor to really keep it clear.
    Sometimes the fogging up gets bad and i just crack open the visor just enough to let more air in... :grin:
  11. Rain... WTF is Rain????

    Seriously :shock: I've used rainx and it works OK, must try the others as well tho.

    Mr Sheen seems to be a really versatile little fellow!

  12. Move to Victoria - rain? We have none!
  13. + 1 Mr Sheen.
  14. When riding along (on a QUIET) road, look sideways for a second or so, and the wind blowing across the visor will clear it... Otherwise its visor up for me
  15. :shock: thanks everyone! I have a plastic visor and do travel at fairly slow speeds at night as I am on my L's and have to ride through wallaby country on the way home. I will buy some Mr Sheen - I snicker as I don't even dust at home so it will be a first - will try the detergent too.

    I wonder why bike headlights are so inneffective? I have asked a couple of friends and they admit less visibility with bike headlights than in their cars. Hmmm food for thought, perhaps I can upgrade my lights since I work nights and rely on them quite heavily on the dark country roads.
  16. I just kind of 'look through' the water beads. I'll give it a wipe with my glove every now and then, and turn my head slightly to the side to let the beads slide off, but otherwise it's just looking past the wet visor to the road.

    Have never bothered wtih Rain-X or anything else.

    I do have a pair of wet weather gloves with the wiper on the left finger, but am yet to use them.
  17. Upgrade the Globe in your headlight, for some reason, most jap bikes have headlights of about 1 candle power!

    Will cost about $20 to double or triple the output.

    Any Repco or car parts place will have em - will take about 2 minutes at most to upgrade. And now you have a spare!
  18. Dririder Highlander gloves go one better - they have an actual little wiper blade thing on the seam of the index fingers. Crap pictures of them online, and I cbf'd digging mine out to take a photo of them.

    I had my original pair for 6 years and the rest of the gloves wore out before the blade. My new pair will probably be the same, since I crashed in them last year, and so the gloves look more second-hand than the blade ever will!

    Mr Sheen works too, but if it's really going to be wet, I wear winter gloves, and I use the nice wiper blade that comes with 'em.
  19. cheers will definitely look into this, my ones on the Honda Rebel are about as much use as running along using a zippo.