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Rain Alarm Android

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mike89, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Did a quick search and couldn't find a thread on it... Over the weekend I stumbled on a really handy Android app called "Rain Alarm".

    All you do is download it, quick setup and whenever it's going to rain, you'll get a notification before hand.

    Quite handy for those of us who time our commutes around bad weather!
  2. Or, you could check the weather forecast the night before then in the morning look outside.

    If it's raining put wet weather gear on.
    If it's not raining (but it's forecast to) don't put it on, but carry it just in case.

    Simple really.
  3. I'm a big fan of ifttt.com (ifttt = if this then that). The site lets you, basically, integrate a whole heap of "stuff" with a whole heap of other "stuff" so that if one thing happens then it does something else.

    In this case... if this = "there's going to be rain tomorrow" then that = "send you a text".

    But it can also do a LOT more than that, and it's free. Check it out :)
  4. Mate, if the worst that happens to you riding a motorcycle is that you get wet then you haven't too much to worry about.

    Ah, the kids these days... they need a phone app to tell if it's raining.

    I must be getting old.
  5. It's all about the hair! (says the bald guy in the helmet)
  6. A good app for people riding in groups without intercoms. When you may become lost.

    Find my Friends

    Also great for stalking your friends and partner :ROFLMAO:
  7. You don't live in Melbourne do you? You'd be carrying oodles of stuff around all the time :)

    I've got this app, and it helped me get home dry before a few a storms this year, it's awesome.
  8. I used to live in Melbourne, so yes I know what the weather is like. I also know how unreliable weather forecasters can be.
  9. Thought I may cop a bit of flak over this but don't really care since it's worth getting it out there anyway :stop:

    I don't really care if I get wet but since my bike is my main means of commuting, getting wet while on the way to work with a suit underneath the gear really doesn't work.

    As others have pointed out, it's a bit different if you live down in Melb. Sure I check the forecast each night, that often doesn't mean shit the next day though!

    Couple of interesting app suggestions in here too, others keep the hate coming :cry:
  10. Hi Mike. You don't read .sigs do you?

    As for "hate", come on.

    Ten years ago, before I retired from work, I used to sit in my office watching the BoM radar images, to try and pick a dry spell to jump on the bike and head home.

    Sometimes, I even got it right!
  11. That's what I used to do in Ballarat - especially given any decent ride could start out at 1 or 2 degrees below zero, yet still get up to the low to mid 20s by the middle of the day.

    That said I have been caught out by a freak hailstorm (not predicted by the weather people) and had to ride around 200kms in freezing cold wind and rain in nothing but jeans and a leather jacket. Was certainly wishing I'd packed more stuff that day.
  12. What's rain?

    Oh yeah, I might see some again after Anzac Day.
  13. Yeah I'm lazy though, anything more than phone, wallet and keys is too much.
  14. No hate. I'm just old and refuse to rely on technology.

    It's like someone else (on another forum) wanted to get either mirror extensions or some sort of electronic device to get rid of blind spots. My suggestion was for him to use his neck.
  15. Rumour has it, you are currently carrying Blab's nuts about your person too.
  16. Nice!
    It's the other way in Brissy.

    That app could be pretty handy, mainly for when you are at work during the day (and paying attention to what you are doing) so you don't notice the storm system developing on the side of the building away from your window.

    My window at work looks in the opposite direction to most advancing storms.
  17. They're my next handbag, they were rather sizable actually.
  18. I always thought the weather stone was good enough...

  19. Bush oysters for dinner anyone?
  20. They're suprisingly tasty.