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rail transport?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ward_4e, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Hey guy's I've been ringing around looking for a rail transport company to brisbane from melb... and we its intersting to say the least. Nice to know there area few people out there who actualy are helpful... unlike VIC RAIL!!! umn i dunno give me a sec... oi paula ou wuld move a bike fom da city to brisban? na not sure youse called qld rail? :evil: YES TEH HELPFUL GIRL NAMED CLARE REFERED ME TO YOUR DUMB ASS :evil:

    Friday I rang all the motorcycle transport compaies listed in the links directory and cam up witha best quote of $390 pickup from the spirit to brisbane metro which is looking like the cost of a trailier to do it myself! and possibly move all gear from home...

    SO PLEASE ANYONE WHO WORKS IN TRASNPORT... please post with ideas becasue i'm out of time.

  2. Ride, and catch a plane back...gotta be cheaper?
  3. You might be able to get a furniture removalist to stick it on a back-load cheap.
  4. You won't get cheaper than $390...how are you getting the rest of your gear up there?

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. ward, shoot me a PM and i'll ask my boss if you can use our TNT account, we get VERY good rates for normal freight, only thing is it might have to be in a crate.
  6. thanks people... well just had a interesing conversation with a remavalist quoter... I'm still waiting on the price but his best advice for the bike is to get a trailer and tow it...as our household goos wont fill a container it would most likley be shipped in a part container and get moved up to three or four times :shock:

    I have shocking images of the plumbers crack removalists riding my baby around for kicks! in between shipping...

    ride fly is not an option as the girlfriend will be in tow and I *amem* may lose her a little too easily in melb.. :oops:

    All my gear including hers will be traveling in the rav with us... woosy I'll send you a pm soon if my aggressive negotiations dont go well and I dont BUY A TRAILER! :roll: oh well its not dead money as i could transport beer... bikes and bbq's :)
  7. try Deafwish, he's transported a couple of bikes, I'm sure.......
  8. To transport your bike yourself with anyone other than a specialist bike transporter you will need a crate to put it in.

    Have a chat to your local bike shop and ask if you can grab the next crate they get their next new bike from OS in that is the same size as yours.

    You should then be able to use just about any courier company to shift it but being as large & heavy as bikes tendto be it could be a little $$$$$.

    Good luck.
  9. Thnaks but every removalist from the "main land" / "north Island" add another 25% to bring anything across bass straight... OOOh just got another quote back just then drop off in hobart crated and shipped for $440?

    its sounding better... I might give motorworks a call as see if they have a crate arriving soon...
  10. GOLD!!! I STRUCK GOLD!!!!
    :arrow: ffs always read the what you actualy put on the quote dont trust your memory!!!! :roll:

    The first quote $1330 moving house was including moving the bike! I rang and queried what the quote included and he said there was a $350 is bike shipping component...

    plus after a little chat I am possibly getting a bike crate / carton and loaded for a slab of beer!!!! wic!!! :wink:

    only downside to the whole day is my landlord has said we cant give notice for two weeks we have to give notice untill the 200thish..