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Raie from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Raie, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Hey all

    I am new to the motorbike scene and am doing my leaners course on the labour weekend. I have been interested in getting a bike for the Sydney city commute so have been trying to do as much research as possible and joining forums to get peoples opinions on things I may be unfamiliar with.

    It nice to see the motorbike community so friendly and helpful (so far). Nice to meet u all

    Fyi I am a 23 female living around st George/Canterbury area. Looking to get a used Honda vtr 250
  2. good morning :)
  3. HI Raie, good luck with your learners, and have fun!
  4. Hi Raie!

    Another chic! Love it!

    My SIL has a VTR250. Great little bike! Her's is a 98 model and had done around 70,000k's, but they got it for $2k. Brilliant for her!

    Good luck with it all!
  5. Welcome Raie, see you out at Homebush then, ye?
  6. Hi Raie, I commute from hurstville every day. If you do your commute early, you'll love it. You'll need to hit the city before 7:30 if you want to find a free park though. From hurstville its about a 20-30 minute ride, depending on traffic.
  7. i hope so one day! but i hear homebush day is more for those learners going on to Ps test? i think i'm a far few months from that...

    i'm from kingsgrove so very close to you, i work in the rocks so parking is not a problem (plenty of free spots as my office is in a residential area) - in fact, it is because of the work location and seeing all the bikes parked outside that 'inspired' me to consider a bike. my commute will simply be through the city and hopefully it won't be for a big portion of it. i will probably not be riding to work for a good 2 months, but when i do i will have so many questions for people who do ride to and from the city!
  8. Welcome to the forums and to riding Raie...like the rest of us, I am sure you'll be hooked to it soon :)

    Regarding homebush, it is for people who wish to learn valuable riding skills, not just those who are going for their P's test. To be honest, being new you are better off doing it sooner rather than later, you will pickup valuable skills that will ensure you remain safe on the road.

    Anyhow, good luck with your L's
  9. indeed, raie, turn up at Homebush anyway, there's always stuff you can learn from experienced riders like goz and the others, and even from fellow learners

    and welcome to Netrider
  10. Welcome as said above make sure you get on down to the learners session you dont have to do the most practice
    But we do a ride after at a nice easy pace everyones friendly and its good to ride in a group
  11. sounds great! i really like how the motorcycle community is so friendly towards newbies :)
  12. That's only valid for your first 10 posts, after that ..... :angel:
  13. Also, don't forget the demographics.

    We don't want to scare away the girls, not enough of you on bikes as it is ;)
  14. More girls on bikes, fewer girls putting makeup on in cars. I'm good with that.
  15. vtr 250 is a good bike. Mine served me well and I wish I still had it.
  16. If they have an open face helmet that theory may come unstuck...
  17. lol i think i'll stick to a full face for a good year... i have seen photos of full face helmets that have been in accidents and if it had been a half face... ouch.

    i would think that guys would find girls a little slow in the motorcycle world. i will definitely be a little scared to be left behind by guys and pressured to do daring things - sort of like with snowboarding how i just want to learn to s turn properly, and the boys want to do 360 jumps....
  18. Learn to do burnouts and you will be fine.

    And don't wear fluro. No. I know you want to, but don't. It's obscene and it makes baby jesus cry.
  19. Welcome!! Nice to see another female around here!

    The Homebush meet ups are for ALL learners..and are great to meet other bikers..I'd recommened them. There's sometimes also people coming along who don't even have their bikes yet, just to chat and have a drool at the bikes.
  20. haha i'm a girl who wants to ride a motorbike not a scooter.. i highly doubt i'd be into fluoro colours

    @devochka that sounds great! maybe i'll join in after i get my Ls even if i don't have a bike to speak to some more pros :D