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Raging Bull or 'Sierra Oscar Charlie' is a new member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Raging Bull, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Hello all. Some have called me a Raging Bull, which I prefer, while others have called me a Sierra Oscar Charlie, which in the phonetic alphabet is S O C. I really should not have to translate this, but for those who may be still a little mystified, the S is for silly and the O is for old.

    It's a funny thing, 'cause that is a term (of endearment at times) I use frequently when I speak of individuals who fit a certain criteria in my mind. This usually doesn't endow me with congratulatory platitudes, infact quite the contrary, especially from my wife when she says, verbatim: "you stupid old fart, you know, that individual is probably younger that you are". Oh, the horror, the shame and the feeling of deflation.

    Nevertheless, I own and ride a 1098S Ducati with the full factory race exhaust, the factory ECU and various other tricky bits to give me 154 r w hp and probably around 170 at the crank. I bought the bike new in 2007 and was mightily pissed off a short time later when Ducati brought out the 1198. So, these bits and pieces bring my machine to and beyond 1198 specs. I also own and ride my lovely black and red 2011 Suzuki Hayabusa that has been 'played with' and is VERY, VERY fast indeed, and I love her with a passion. My third machine is a ZX9R Kawasaki track day only bike.

    My past machines in chronological order were, K2 Honda CB750, Triumph Bonneville, 1979 black & gold Ducati 900SS bevel drive, last of the oil-cooled Suzuki GSXR1100 (big-bored to 1220) and, one of my favourite all time machines, the K5 GSXR 1000, in blue and white of course. Sadly these machines are no longer with me because my wife is cruel to me.

    I might be getting a little older, but I will NEVER give up my big bore sports bikes and, yes, I do love to push the limits frequently. Sadly, most of the time I ride on my own because most of the blokes I used to ride with have grown up and now look down on me, some literally and others in a figurative sense only.

    I am always looking for someone to ride with, 'cause my wife refuses to get on the back, so lets go, no more crap, just do it......

    Regards, The Raging Bull

    PS. isn't it funny how some people refer to themselves in the third person, the wankers!
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  2. Welcome Raging Bull/SOC, great introduction and a very nice stable of machines you have even after it denuding by your heartless wife. ;) I know how it is with your riding buddies dropping away, it starts to get lonely out on those rides.

    Anyway I am sure you will find a bunch of people to ride with here, generally there is a Saturday afternoon ride and often a Sunday ride. Check in the Vic ride announcements section.
  3. Thanks for that Chris, I feel all warm and fuzzy now that someone has spoken to me (how does it go? L O L is it?) By the way, my name is Lars, the raging bull isn't really my name.8-| Catch you later Maaaaate.
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  4. Howdy and welcome to NR Raging BullRaging Bull and more to the point, what took you so long to join? Very nice machines you have in the stable and all beyond my ability to ever dream of riding owing to being vertically challenged.
  5. New Tyres. Look, I know that I am only a new member and as such my social standing is lower than a lizard's ankle, however, I may just have some information that will please the general motorcycling enthusiast. This is about the most important thing between you and the highway, YOUR TYRES.

    About three weeks ago now I purchased a new set of tyres (from Pablos in Mulgrave), for my series 2 Hayabusa. Pablos fitted a pair of 'Pirelli Angel GT' tyres and man, are they good? Yes indeed! From the first moment these tyres were fitted, my machine just felt so much more confidence inspiring. Apart from the initial scrub-in period I have now ridden around 2000 Kilometres on mainly winding mountain roads, especially out the back of Mansfield, to Whitfield and beyond. I pushed the Hayabusa and cranked her over quite hard during the first day with these new tyres and I have to say, they were inspirational to say the least. There seems to be plenty of feedback to the rider from both ends of the machine and the predictability whilst cornering hard was simply superb. Based on what I have researched on the net, I understand that these tyres are a dual compound with a higher silica content on the sides, thereby creating more side grip, while the centre contact patch is of a harder compound that allegedly will give higher mileage, especially to the rear, which on a Hayabusa is more than welcome. These tyres are so good, well for me anyway, that I would have no trouble using them on a ride day at say, Phillip Island. I reckon I could easily do times on these particular road tyres at Phillip Island, at least equal to the full-on sticky sports tyres. These two hoops cost me $580 fitted at Pablos, not overly cheap, but I don't mind the the price of staying upright.

    I am not going to say that you must buy these tyres, I am simply telling you how these tyres feel to me. And I've only been riding motorcycles for the past 47 years.

    Regards, The raging Bull
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  6. Well thank you so much Goldenberri, guess I'm a little shy. Yep, I do love my machines very much. The one and only regret I have is that I sold all those others. As I told my wife recently, "I will NEVER sell another motorbike again, I don't give a flying (expletive) if I have 10 bikes or more, that's just the way it will be".......so there!

    You have a nice day and thanks for welcoming me.

    The Raging Bull
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  7. Don't have to justify keeping bikes to me. I've only been riding since February this year and have two in the stable and sneakily looking at a third.=D
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  8. Well done Luv. You just do what feels good to you. By the way, my brother and his wife Live in Lancefield, not too far from you and his wife's sister lives in Riddells Creek. Not sure of her name but when I find out I'll let you know: small world is it not?
  9. Welcome along Raging BullRaging Bull

    You do know the formula for the number of bikes you should have is - "n + 1" where is n is the number you currently own,

    Agree about the Angles, I have a set which sadly get used 99% of the time for commuting up and down Springvale Road, they have 22,000+ km on them and not near the wear patch as yet; Mind you I am gentle with them and they might be getting just a tad square.

  10. Thanks man for your welcome to the team and yes, I fully understand the formula. My wife is also starting to understand it, she may not like it, but hey, there is no compromising on this issue any more. I cannot believe that you had so much mileage out of your tyres, I am looking forward to getting a bit more out of mine as well.

    Regards, R B
  11. just took this, not the best photo but will give you an idea 22,725 km from new; yes the bikes filthy, that's what you get commuting in Melb in Winter.


    The white plob top right is a plug put in about 6,000 km ago still going strong.
  12. Welcome to NR... Senor Toro.

    That was an awesome intro. You have had some awesome bikes in the past.

    Come on down to the Saturday practice and say hello and there are weekend rides at times as well.
  13. Just one word : WOW!!!!
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  14. #14 cjvfr, Jul 6, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2015
    You can see it's squaring off JemJem I prescribe more twisty work. ;) Take two Reeftons, one Whangarewan a Black Spur and a GOR see me again to top up your prescription.
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  15. Gee thanks Mr. Libran, I'm blushing now. But what Saturday practice are you talking about????

    Regards, the Raging Toro
  16. Welcome to Netrider, Lars! I'm sure most of us envy the high-class stable of bikes you've documented!
  17. That doesn't mean that you won't get the standard range of Ducati / Espresso jokes. :)
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  18. I am doing my very best to make the Springvale/Blackburn road commute into twisties but it's just not working well enough...... Will see if I can take some time out from sailing to fill your prescription :)
  19. Here it is: [Saturday] 10am Basic Skills Practice | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community

    This is for learners but a lot of non-learners drop by as well. A good place to look and admire other bikes, talk about bikes, talk about bike related things etc etc. ;)

    At times Uncle Greg leads these EPIC Saturday rides as well..

    LINK: [Saturday] Uncles EPIC after practise ride | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community
  20. Hello Paul and thank you. I'ts sort of surreal this membership thing. I've always steered away from the 'club' mentality because I just want to ride, maybe stop for a bit of food, a body function, maybe limited conversation and then ride again. It seems to me that the club mentality is too full of stupid rules, regulations and people whose motorcycles' capabilities far outreach the capability of the riders. This medium of yours may be just what the doctor ordered in terms of catching up with a few, willing riders, without club rules as such.

    I am not an advocate of breaking the rules per se (not much anyway), but I do usually ride during weekdays, outside school holidays, at such times and locations that are conducive to stretching the boundaries without attracting unwanted attention of the road Nazis. In short, lets ride and not stare at motorcycles whilst sucking on a cafe latte and talking shit.

    Thanks again, Lars T. (the T is for The Raging Bull) Holden
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