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Rage episode today.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by munecito, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Hey people.

    I have never been a rage driver/rider but today a car just did the same that the one that hit me last week but even worse. Changed 2 lanes without checking or indicating. Lucky this time I had enough room and I anticipated his movement before it was too late on top of that the idiot was talking on his mobile phone.

    Anyway I just gave hime a massive beep with the CB250RSIF horn ( :wink: ) and he gave me the bird. So after what happened to me last week and because of his arrogance I just sat behind him for a couple of minutes in traffic and when it was very congested I just readjusted his side mirror. I don't know how hard I did it but I heard nice clank. It was one of those Mercedes Benz with the indicator in the mirror and as he didn't use the mirror or the indicator I thought he wasn't going to miss it.

    After that I just turned left and continued my way to work.

    I felt sort of bad for a couple of hours. I know everybody does something wrong but what really pissed me off what his arrogance. He could have just move his hand in a kind of sorry movement but he chose to be smart.

    I just hope I don't become a raging rider or I will have to call to an end my days as a rider.

  2. I think it only really becomes a "rage" problem when you actually remove the guys mirror and take it home as a trophy.

    Uh, but, in all seriousness... yes that guy was obviously a giant dickhead but because of the way you acted, in future he'll probably only be looking for motorbikes when he does lane merges only so he can purposefully cut them off. Perhaps if you had of responded differently you could of changed his habits as a driver for the better... how? I have no idea, perhaps just a quick chat at the set of lights to let him know the danger he put you in.

    If he was still a cock about it after that you'd have every right to give that mirror a thumping, and then put it through his driver side window and give him a thumping :p
  3. as long as you didn't use the helmet :rofl:

    I hope he doesn't start taking out all riders thinking he's getting back at you :facepalm:

  4. Nah Jeff. I used the elbow padding of my jacket. BTW are you going to be at home this weekend? I don't have to go to work until the 5th of January and I think I will have my replacement by then.

    Let me know so I can drop it at your place.


    EDIT: I meant return it. Not that I'm going to drop it to tle floor.
  5. The other day I saw some guy in a convertable yapping on his mobile phone, was so tempted to ride up next to him and snap it out of his hands.

    But that would be mean of me :twisted:
  6. But funny!
  7. I'm on your side Munecito.

    :cool: Instant knob head karma :cool:
  8. Hot tip...

    Someone accidently endangers you... they wave, motion an apology or even do nothing and totally ignore you...... OK accidents/mishaps occur.
    That's life, ride on....

    Someone accidently endangers you... You make them aware of it and they flip u off..... go the mirror :twisted:
    That IMO, is the epitomy of arrogance. Sorry, but in my books that is sooo wrong and one of the lowest acts someone can do. To me they are saying; OK, so I almost knocked you off your bike... and ummm BTW.... f$%k you while you're at it...!

    Disclaimer... I know this is wrong and in no way meant to be a standard by which riders should adhere. It is simply my experience and my 2 cents.
  9. That is exactly what I hated. Sometimes people wave apologeticaly, some other times they feel so embarrased that they do nothing, but giving someone the finger after you almost caused an accident is totally wrong in my books.

  10. Keep it mate until you get your new one.

    No hurry at all!!!

    Merry xmas

  11. Hope I'm not the next bike this guy comes across while he is looking for payback :roll:
  12. I'll keep a lookout for the merc you described and il leave a nice bootprint in it if I see it. Just to be sure I'll do it to any merc I see :D
  13. I'm with munecito on this one.

    This morning I cruised past a lady on the Monash who was piloting her Commodore at 80+ klicks while using both hands to operate her Blackberry. :roll:

    If you ever had the chance to politely explain to these people why what they're doing is dangerous to others and just plain stupid, I've no doubt they'd stand there staring at you like you came from Mars. Fuggwits. :evil:
  14. I do better than that. One of the joys of having a large V-twin with high-rise pipes is that if you drop down a gear or two and ride next to them, they're forced to end the phonecall as they can't hear a thing.

  15. My rule in life is that, if you have a bone to pick with somebody, say it to their
    face: Grown up to Grown up discussion. If that doesn't work, then yeah... vandalism
    is the go. I once sprayed space invader up some guys exhaust as payback. People in
    the Adelaide Hills apply their pissy child like behavour on a daily basis. In the 3 years
    of riding (in the hills), I can only think of one time where I lost my shit. 2 minutes after
    a high speed pursuit, I had cooled off.

  16. Maybe that's what he was doing this time. :p

    I don't think you'd notice if someone was purposely trying to run you off the road. They seem like they're doing that anyway.
  17. fcuk him..

    You did what you did, right or wrong.. if he reacts by 'looking' for bikes to cut him off, he should count his days.
  18. Lucky you escaped unharmed this time Munecito. I try having a quick chat even if they are complete Fwits. Givin em a love tap to see the error of there ways is always a good second option
    Ditto I love doing this one. Still they dont get it that not using handsfree whilst on the phone is wrong.
  19. The guy showed no remorse for nearly killing someone. Vengence was just, IMO. :p
  20. One thing that I have learned after the accident is to be even more alert that I was before. I rode in Venezuela for some years and never had an accident I have been doing it here for three months and a car already knocked me over.

    I would have tried to talk to the guy but after he did what he did he just went really close to the car on his side that is why I sat quietly for a couple of minutes behind him. There was a lot of traffic.

    After he gave me the finger he kept talking on his phone and looking at me while he looked amused because of what he just did.

    I wasn't even going to do it but when I was overtaking the devil inside my head said: Get the mirror.