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Rage day

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Liq, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. In this topic, you post about something you dearly love, and I rip either it, it's origins, or your reason for loving it to shreds.

    Rage day.
  2. I love you! :p
  3. Already we learn a lot about the owner, with his staggering 22 years of technical expertise in well, being alive,
    at some point in his motorbiking career he decided to purchase a CBR250. Given they stopped making
    the bike in 1996, the gentleman in question most likely was only just learning that eating playdough is "bad"
    when the newest models rolled out the door. In the extremely long time period between the last model rolling
    out the door, and Mitchkips last testicle decending, even the most lovingly looked after model of this bike most
    likely went through many, many owners. Thats a lot of cock thats rubbed against your bike, in many many weather
    conditions. Compared to the 2 strokes that were until recently still legal (and thus, probably were, when he bought it) it's not even that fast.

    Actually, if you purchased THE newest CBR 250, it would have been one of the least powerful CBR 250's of all time
    due to emissions laws, whcih dropped it's top speed by about 40kph.

    Why did he buy it? It sits at an rpm higher than most cars when its cruising at 100kph, so it's shit for cruising.
    Its sporty position makes it pure arse for stop start traffic. Does he get out into the hills often? If so, how does he
    dcope with the notoriously asshat headlights?

    Was it because that the bike went SO WELL Overseas...oh..wait..the only place other than japan that EVER sold the
    cbr 250 was australia!.

    Food for thought, lets not even get started on lams

    Lets see, a 26 year old with what looks like all the world to be a teddybear with a cock getting facially raped
    by a vagina as their userpic, publically declares their love for a person of undetermined gender in a rather open place.

    Maybe this results from a rather easy, carefree and very loving family. Or the mysterious fate of his pet goat, known
    for smelling faintly of **** (....the herb) that dissapeared about the time as the wet dreams started.

    All we know, is his name is Fekkinell.

    This is like Ask Vic, with the added novelty value of cocaine.

    What about... Furby's?
  5. Furby's, a lovable shell of artifical fibres made by the lowest bidder in whatever country had the lowest toxicity ratings, assembled around what is essentially a dry run of SKYNET. In fact, some of them were considered so smart they were banned from all secret intelligence and militairy installations in the country. Unfortunately, they didnt apply this policy to humans, so some truly magnificent staffing choices from pedro the cleaner right up to Senator Conroy remain unaffected.

    Let me ask you, do you have top secret clearance? D'ya think you could get it? Do you know how invasive and how far back that process goes? Yeah. A fcuking $25 doll designed to look like mugwai is considered to be more intelligent than you are. More capable of damage on the international scale than a fully trained, fully vetted, YOU. Should you decide to go all rogue on us

    Hate it yet? No? okay..

    Here's a furby.


    Now here's a Mogwai. IT SHITS DEMONS.

  6. Ducati owners
  7. My mother.
  8. Mint slice biscuits. They're just so TASTY!
  9. Ironically, Ducati's require a rather interesting stringent set of mechnical servicing intervals, and use a completely proprietary system of valve management. This is ironic because most people that could afford a Ducati barely posses the intelligence to lift a pen, and occasionally their leg whilst defacting. This unique combination of skills has allowed them at some point to come into good money, mostly by pure chance.

    No other logical conclusion can be drawn when a ducati is purchased as opposed to offerings from the competition. As a nekkid bike, they lack ground clearance. As a supersports, they lack the traditional "more than 2 cylinders" engine most racing pedigree's enjoy. As a dirt bike, they were never intended to go offroad. As a touring bike they lack any useful touring features like, oh, decent fairings...and as a streetfighter they lack the actual fighter look, and instead look they bastard offspring of an alien, a blender, a transformer, and a preying mantis.

    I've decided enough of the public has been stooged by her "services" to voice their own opinion.

    In that vein, public, please visit the following.

    I voted nay, so the pie graph is rather round currently.
    *obligatory mom joke*

    Ah yes, mint slices.


    What the fcuk is that honestly. The filling isnt even centered. Allegedly they use pure mint oil. Why is that a good thing? Look at a sprig of mint, it sure as shit doesn't look like oil. They make their own chocolate at ARnott,s something Australia is NOT known for.

    In fact, 70% of cocoa comes from deepest africa. Way to support slave labour you materialistic fcuk. About 40% of the world's cocoa comes from the small West African country Ivory Coast where in 2002 it was discovered that 284,000 children were trapped in bonded labor on cocoa farms. Wikipedia tells me this, and they goddamn well know chocolate.
  10. Beer.

    And I will provide a rebuttal.

    Bring it on.
  11. Wow. Stern effort son. You even made a poll.

    Oh god. It would seem that Bonk has thrown down the gauntlet. Wait a tick while I get some popcorn
  12. Already you've shown why beer is the national drink of mostly belligerent, obnoxious, and overweight countries. Waltzing maltida all over a thread, and loudly announcing in a place that doesnt belong to you that by the grace of god himself , you WILL be replying, and the alternative is a fight. YOu could be english, irish, german, or australian at this point.

    Anyway, bear is a curious drink. A combination of rotting vegetable matter and thousands of tiny ballsacks from dead micro organisms, left alone for a while and forgotten untill someone decides, my god, it's been there about a year lets bloody drink it!

    One of the only drinks that requires sustained, innovative, and expensive advertising campaigns just to get people to bloody drink it. Most of the other alcoholic beverages are doing just fiiiiiiiine with relativly zero showtime. Its not potent, as they sell it by the carton, its not a refined product as a carton usually costs less than a decent wine/spirit/decent hooker.

    In fact, the only place it goes for a decent price is in the outback, where, smuggled in small quantities, it's frequently the only fluids within 1500 miles that doesnt immediately boil in the open air. Frequently locals turn to a good drop a mobil just to scratch the same spot that apparently only beer is on equal terms with.

    Beer, for countries of low standards. National drink of convicts.
  13. Fish, the animal mostly forgotten by those anywhere near a decent food source. Such a ugly animal, leaving in such an ugly environment our species ancestors decided to get the fcuk out about about 5 million years ago. People who like to spend their 5 million years worth of evolution catching the original product are, frankly, fcuking idiots. Use those legs and climb a mountain, carry a live fish up there in some water, then flex your evolutionary prowess by setting it down gently. Come back in 5 million years and see how far it's gotten. Not far? Wasnt worth your time was it.

    As for those that rely on it as a primary source of food, have you seen how tiny most island types ara? Maori's seem to be an exception, but they also seem to eat their own newborns, a great source of protein etc.
  14. Adelaide
  15. The rules of the thread state you must post something you love in order for it to be roasted.

    As a Melbourne resident, you're incapable of love. Also, basic human nuturing, care for your fellows, roadcraft,
    making a decent wine, or running a motorsport event for more than half a decade before the international community
    gets pissed off and makes loud noises about leaving.

    Therefore, I regretfully decline your request.
  16. A bottle of Barossa Valley red
  17. SEX


    Females (wait, that's too easy, ignore that one)