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Rage by proxy

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Locnah, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Here is the story...friend of the family recently lost her father who was into bikes. Before her father past away he asked that his 1962 BSA Goldstar (yep, legend) be past to his grandson who just turned 18 but didnt put it down on paper (note that our friend and her kids lived with their grandfather and the bike was in her shed).

    1 week ago our friends siblings dragged the bike out of the shed for it to be put into the 'family trust' with what sounded like little consultation with our friend. When I heard this I offered $2k for the bike unseen (it hasnt run in years and Ive never actually seen it) as I feared the grandson would never see it again and it was his grandfathers wishes that the bike pass to him.

    Initially I didnt tell the friend that this was my motivation, as having lost loved ones in the past I know (dont we all) that their possessions mean significantly more to us as time goes by, particularly given this young bloke may not know how much this bike was a part of his grandfather - being bikers ourselves this obviously cannot be understated and is obvious to us.

    Now before you start...yes I KNOW its not my place as I am not a family member but FRACK !!!!....why is it so difficult for people to do the right thing ?!?!?!?.

    I ended up telling our friend what motivated me to want to buy the bike - so I could hold on to it for her son, fix it up and give it to him when he is older and wise enough to understand its significants. Not just as a classic bike but as his grandfathers wish for HIM to have it.

    So...I'm raging for this grandfather who cannot....

    FRACK !!!!

    I'm not giving up yet though.....what would a 1962 BSA Goldstar go for with no reg, no roady and most likely a seized motor ?
  2. It's not really a matter of opinion given they are going through probate - it has to be put in the trust. The executor of the will can't just allocate valuable goods to someone because it seems like the right thing to do.

    While sad, the real lesson is that if you want to pass an item to someone - make a will!
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  3. Yeah, this is what bugs me....

    Once probate is complete the executor should put the bike up for sale/auction correct ?. I am more than happy to pay a stupid amount of money myself (relatively speaking) for the bike to be returned to its rightful owner.
  4. Once probate is complete the executor can do almost anything, sell or not sell as the case may be. "Should" does not figure into it anywhere.

    However, good luck to you in your endeavours to make the "right" outcome happen.
  5. Nada Guides will give you an idea of the USA market you may be able to make a guess from that.