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Rage Against The Machine

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Toefa, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Finally they are coming back to Aus....

    Did anyone manage to get tickets?

    It sold out in under 30 minutes, we managed to get some seated tickets, but what a shit fight. Apparently they are selling for BIG $$$$ on ebay already.

    Can not wait though :beer: :music: :music: :beer:
  2. Nope, missed out!

    I did a huge victory lap of work when I found out RATM were reforming.

    Enjoy the show

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  3. You lucky bugger!

    I'd kill for some tickets...
  4. Not going to the side shows but will be up close in the D-barrier for the, at the Big Day Out.

    f u i wont do what ya tell me

    f u i wont do what ya tell me

    f u i wont do what ya tell me

    f u i wond do what ya tell me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. my little sister and her BF queued up at 4:30 this morning, 10th in line.

    Tickets sold out a 6 past nine. They were understandably pissed, 2-3 people from missing out.

    Oh well, we all have to go to the BDO I guess.
  7. There are 6 GA tickets on eBay going for $10,000!!!!

    That's just ridiculous! :shock:

    So glad we got ours :p
  8. Yeah, we were REALLY lucky by the looks of things. I feel sorry for the people that did line up only to be told they were a sell-out minutes after 9am.

    The minority (actually, its more like majority in this case) are making a stand and screwing all the scalpers up, by logging onto ebay under a fake accounts and bidding the tickets up to ridiculous amount (even into the millions) so that the auction can not be completed properly. Love it!!

    Yeah Stump, Killing in the Name, Bombtrack and many of the old favourites are sure to get the evening pumping as it should.

    The good thing about the split was, they havent released any 'record company stocking filler albums' like so many other bands (Korn). So their set-list has nothing but GEMS!!

  9. STFU! I missed out... was so close too! I blame the police...cos i can.
  10. LOL I do feel for you...I probably would be on eBay now if I missed out :shock:
  11. We got floor tickets!!!
    I'll be the big b*st*rd right up front jumping around like a nut! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  12. And everyone behind you will be yelling, "Sit down you great big mug!!!!" :LOL:.
  13. Haha probably.
    Though the last place I'd want to sit down would be in the middle of a RATM mosh pit ... :shock:
  14. i got 2 general admission tickets

    standing sold out within 2 minutes

    6 going for 10,000 damn homey...wouldn't sell a ratm ticket for any amount...
  15. ***W00T***

    Can't believe it's tonight!!

    :beer: :dance:
  16. :dance: \:D/ :dance:

    Tonight is going to be C R A Z Y!!!