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Radio Morning Shows

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Doesn't it occur to any of the stations that there are probably quite a lot of people who'd like to hear music instead of some talentless derps jabbering away every morning? I don't know why I'm posting about it in the afternoon (or really at all), but EVERY station has a morning show it seems, and they're universally terrible.

    All it takes is one station to actually play music and they'd grab a huge market share in the mornings I bet.
  2. Try ABC Classic FM... Might even make you less angry :)
  3. yup. I wake up to Absolute Radio on the internet and listen to the ipod when on the move. When the hosts gel the breakfast format can work well but these days the stations seem to put two people with no personality together in the studio and expect either humour, or deep and meaningful discussions to somehow magically appear
  4. portable digital radio.
  5. I found the solution to this problem years ago.

  6. Do you listen to Gold? In my half an hour-45 minute drive I hear probably 2 songs if im lucky. Between their interviews with no names, their stupid chatting among themselves, their game and their adds its ridiculous.

    Probably hear 3 songs on the way home in between all the traffic updates and half news reports telling me to watch the news when I get home.
  7. If you can't find a station that plays music you like in our big cities you're not trying. Failing that, take a CD from home, or, as noted above, use your iPod.

    I agree that radio, at any time of the day, is an insult to the intelligence, but there are choices as to to what level you wish to be insulted :ROFLMAO:
  8. Try breakfasters on RRR, not too much talk and it is usually interesting and intelligent and a good mix of interesting music. It's the only one I find listenable.
  9. Morning radio is universally terrible. Same handful of songs on repeat with bland/stupid announcers who drive me up the wall. Unfortunately, the wife enjoys it so that's what I get to wake up to every morning. Mix 101.1 at the moment, but we've changed about a dozen times in the last year.

    About the only one I find semi-tolerable is JJJ, but the wife won't listen to it because she doesn't know any of the songs. That's sort of the point LOL.
  10. Interesting read and probably explains why I stopped listening to commercial radio years ago. I have my clock radio tuned to JJJ as my morning alarm but alas, they too are not what they used to be.
  11. Tom and Alex's breakfast show makes my morning commute's tolerable!
  12. Those early morning fake laughs on the radio are too much to bear:

    'Morning Wacka, it's a beautiful day today, hate to be going to work on a day like this GUFFAW-GUFFAW-HAHAHA.'
    'I know Gazza, imagine that GUFFAW-GUFFAW-HYUK-HAH.'

    I just want to grab them by the microphones and yell, "STOP LAUGHING... YOU HAVEN'T SAID ANYTHING REMOTELY F***ING FUNNY YOU TWONKS!" :mad:
  13. it should be weather, traffic reports and music, that's it.
    Not mindless crap dribbled out of idiots that think they are funny and laugh at their own jokes. They do a prank call on our local station and get some people really angry or upset on the call. Not funny at all.
  14. Yes!
    When I came down here and baught my first radio, I was looking for a station that I could listen to. I like being woken up by music, followed by the news at the full hour and weather. I have not found one station here that does that. Why do they have to sit 2 or even 3 people behind microphones and make them chat about uninteresting stuff the whole time? Music, news, weather is all I want.
    If anybody knows a station that does that, please do let me know their frequency!
  15. 91.5 Smooth FM comes close... but still a few too many ads for my liking. Plus they play far too much Abba. I'm surprised there aren't more people admitted to emergency with pens sticking out of their eardrums.