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Radio comms - bike to bike

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Messy, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Hey guys im just looking for suggestions from people for bike to bike communications.

    Short of spending $400+ on amazingly poor quality kits (those ive seen), im thinking of just buying a pair of uniden UHF radios, a set of headsets (earpiece, noise reduction mic, PTT), and modifying the cable to put a PTT button on the handlebars somewhere handy.

    Just wondering if anyone has done this or similar, and have any suggestions for me please? :D
  2. Noone does this at all?!
    Ok ill hunt into it myself and share what i figure out (hopefully) works.
  3. Many people do it, they also use the search button....

    There is many good kits available for $400....
  4. Starcom or Autocom or anything similar will do what you are wanting to do.

    Or use a scala rider Q2 headset
  5. Yep thanks guys, id looked at starcom etc, and they all seem rather overpriced just because the word motorcycle is in their product name, so i thought id explore alternatives too. :)

    P.S. i did search thanks, cb radio, communications, uhf... nothing came up.
  6. My brother and I use the Scala Q2 whenever we ride...

    Can also connect to phone to take calls/gps voice navigation/sms alerts/stream music etc..

    Buy from the states to save $.
  7. I have the chatterbox Xbi2. It is a good unit for rider to rider &/or pillion and will connect up to 3 simultaneously (ie 3 people in conference mode talking to each other). Sound clarity is good and I use it to listen to music often but battery life is nowhere near their rated 7 hours. 4.5 hours is what you really get. It is supposed to be able to be used with a phone though I dont (personal preference, but I've also read it doesnt support phone use as well as Cardo).

    I use it for rider-rider-pillion comms, listening to music and for hearing my GPS instructions.

    There is also the coming Cardo G4 with good stereo sound, good phone support and a 1000m rider to rider distance .. but then again it has been put off so often it seems like vapour-ware and pricing seems still up in the air even though there are a couple of sites allowing you to pre-order. I have seen a date of Feb/Mar for it supposedly coming from a Cardo rep though.
  8. I can recommend Starcom for bike to bike communication.

    I have the Starcom Advance and use it for UHF (both a handheld and a car radio). The advantage of the Starcom is I then also get Ipod/MP3, Phone and Pillion all integrated in the one unit.

    Check out www.dmme.com.au (I think he advertises on here as well) for details on the Starcom and there are other options as well.

    If you only want to use UHF and not worry about the other stuff then there is an option there for about $120 if you already have a radio. There is no Starcom unit just a headset for the helmet, a PTT button and a lead for the radio.

    Anyway check the website and see if anything grabs you.
  9. Mentioning UHF .. I looked at that and actually bought a couple to try out (Uniden UH065SX) but out on the bike even my son with his perfect hearing could only make out 1 in 10 words when doing 50km/hr.

    A lot of people do swear by them though so maybe there are better ones around or better headsets?
  10. Maybe if you stopped riding when your pissed and slurring your words, it might help :rofl:
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  12. Hi,

    I know a lot of people don't like them, but I bought a blueant set. I have used it to teach my wife to ride.

    It has been great to be able to pass on instruction in real time while we are riding. the only problem is wind noise and the fact that when the devices move out of range they don't reconnect automatically.

  13. Bbbbut ociffer, I aint not been drinking :angel:

    Mr Messy, I guess you've gotta think of what range you need too. If you will only need to communicate over short distances, say a couple of hundred meters then Bluetooth is much clearer but if you need greater distance then you'll have to go UHF anyway.
  14. I have blueant. awesome unit.

    Mat and I used them on our Cairns trip. Was good to be warned of advancing roos, in the dark, round the corner. The warning gave me time to plan what I was going to do. Now, what was I going to do?
  15. Blueant owner here. Quite impressed by the sound quality and range offered by this $200 device. I don't have much problem talking above 110km/hr on the freeway, volume is more than acceptable with me wearing ear plug.

    The only issue is battery life - only 5~6 hours talk time, fortunately you can put it on standby when you don't feel like talking, and just use hand gesture to establish communication when needed.

    Bike to bike Comms is brilliant, it makes the whole riding experience more enjoyable and long journey less tiring. It is especially useful when navigating in an unfamiliar city or town.
  16. I've got the interphone and I'm not happy with the volume, also its performance is too cheap at high speeds. My wife could only be able to understand 30 words out of 100.
  17. You talk THAT much????\\:D/
  18. nearly....as I am an innocent husband...huhhhhh :angel:
  19. I have the blueant interphone F4 kit and have found it pretty excellent. I ride with foam earplugs in too and can here the speakers through them at 110kmh with no issue. My old man has the same kit and found it a little hard to hear, but his hearing isn't great. I use it for my mobile and my wife has said it's nice and clear. I have mine setup in a Shoei xj1100 helmet with a chin cover on which helps I think. Mostly I think it's just a matter of getting the mic in the right spot, but if your hearing isn't the best then perhaps there are louder solutions available?

    Haven't tested out bike to bike comms feature yet, but I can't see how the volume side would be any different.
  20. @ righty
    lucky you. my friend is facing the same problem with blueant f4. he told me that the voice quality is pretty bad. he advised me to Try a can and a string – it would work better](*,)