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Radically restyled R15 released

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. YMA is pleased to announce the release of a new model YZF-R15 sports commuter model. The 2013 YZF-R15 - also known as the Version 2.0 - is based on the current model but has undergone an extensive revamp. The liquid cooled, fuel injected four-stroke h...

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  2. Warranty only 12 months. Bit odd for a new Yammie Innit?
  3. i dont think the bot will answere you lol
  4. Bit like talking to the wife!
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  5. Hi

    I'm new to the bike world, I'm not too sure what all the revisions in the new model mean. This bikes seems to be quickly dismissed by the the more experienced riders, which had me reconsider this as my first bike, do the improvements give me any reason to change my mind?

  6. What in particular attracts you to the R15? They're based off a scooter design and aren't really anything more than 'scooters with fairings'. I think the consensus here will be that something such as a VTR250 will be much better.
  7. You really want something with around 20~30hp to use as a 'motorcycle'. Anything less is simply a point-a-point-b machine... sure you can have some fun on them but really to learn well you need a bit more power to help you along.

    Anything under 250cc will also probably not be able to cruise at freeway speeds and will be very sluggish with anything other than a 40kg rider aboard.

    I just bought a CBR125R for the sole purpose of city commuting - its cheap to run, rego and maintain and cost $850 with rego because it'd been in an accident and had no fairings (ie kinda ugly). For freeway trips I still take my VTR1000F.

    As far as the R15 goes, I'm sure it'll play a good role in getting smaller riders into the game and also fulfilling the city commute role.

    Cheers - boingk
  8. Hi

    My initial contemplation of the R15 probably comes back to my decision to make a foray into motorcycling. I convinced my wife that a scooter would be a good idea for the daily commute, that turned into a motorcycle given the licensing requirements, so this was the first bike I liked, was over 125cc, and within my initial scooter budget (I was able to get a demo for $3000); those were my reasons.

    I planned on taking it easy to begin with, the idea was to keep a LAMS bike for a 2-3 years to grow my confidence before thinking about an upgrade, I thought this would be adequate, but maybe not.
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  9. Doh! and I thought it might be a 1.5 litre R1
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  10. Hey s-twig. if you have not already gotten the bike it may be wise to reconsider.

    3 grand would net you a 250 which would be much better to learn on.. admittedly it will not be new but its still your FIRST bike and fairings are a beginners worst enemy.

    take a look at something like the vtr250's or the cb250's. cb's are one of the most popular lams bikes going as they really are well built.

    chances are in 12 months you will be itching to upgrade.. and if you wind up with the r15 and weigh more than about 45kg's and more than 5ft nothing your going to be cramped and complaining about lack of overtaking ability ect. My belief when i first looked at the r15's a while back was that they would be a great little bike for small girls to be introduced to bikes :S

    sexist.. maybe but that was my initial honest opinion.
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