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Radiator repairer (Sydney)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by lui, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Any recommended radiator repairer in Sydney area? Would be nice if they specialised in bike radiators, but I guess it doesn't make a big difference if they do car ones.

    Basically I have notices drops of coolant on the surface of the radiator, so I suspect there's a pin hole leak. I should probably bring the bike to a dealer to do pressure test to confirm if there's a leak. Any idea how much it normally cost?

    If there's a leak, the dealer would probably want to install a new one which is very expensive. Either that or they will send it to somewhere for repair, again they will charge lots of extras.

    So I thought it would be more economical if I just remove the radiator and bring it to a reputable repair, if they repair radiator then for sure they know how to test for leak.

    Recommendations please?

  2. There places scattered over sydney, so it depend where you live.

    I know the guys at Superior Radiator: http://www.superiorradiators.com.au/

    Good blokes

    They do custom stuff and standard so they should be able deal with a bike. You may have to pull it yourself, though there is a bike workshop around the corner (can't remember the name), so they may be able to organise it all for you.
  3. I'm used to pulling it myself these days :D
  4. Thanks for the link, I found Superior on google as well but not sure if they are any good, was going to try another one closer to home, but having no idea about their work I would rather check out Superior as you have suggested.

    I'm in Bankstown area, so Moorebank is not far. There are few others around the area, then again no idea about the quality of their work.

    Just called up Superior and they operate on Saturdays which is a plus, apparently pressure test is free, however, they wouldn't tell me how much it will cost to repair a leak. I guess they don't want to set the wrong expectation, which is fair enough.

    Are we talking about a hundred bucks or hundreds or dollars to fix a leak?
  5. Yes, I need to learn how to remove the radiator, and re-installing it. Last time the dealer charged $60 for 2.4L of coolant plus labour (though it was part of a major service). I guess it would be an hour of labour to remove/re-install the radiator. I have until Friday night to find out how.

    This may sound stupid, do I need to drain the radiator for pressure test? Or just plug the ends? Also is it advisable to reuse the coolant? I know they are relatively cheap but mine is fresh from 2 couple of months ago.
  6. I'd expect you need to get your hand in your pocket for a few hundred. Of course it depends on many factors. Keep in mind that labour cost around $100/hr.

    They will do the pressure test. Just take the radiator in raw and drained. They will plug it, put some air on it and submerge it.

    I wouldn't re-use the coolant. The concentrate is only about $10 a bottle.
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    Bad news, the rad is beyond repair, need recore, what's the normal cost for recore?