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Radiator leak.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Seany, May 29, 2006.

  1. It seems I've managed to get a leak almost square in the middle of my radiator. It's only very small at this stage but it is getting worse, so I'll have to fix it soon. However, since all my previous bikes were air cooled it's a new issue for me and I'm not sure of the best course of action, so a few questions are in order.

    Firstly, could anyone give me a ballpark figure on how much a new radiator will cost me?

    Also, is it possible to get bike radiators reconditioned? Would I take it to a bike shop or car radiator shop to have this done, and how would it compare in price to simply replacing it? And, how long would I expect reconditioning to take?

    Thanks in advance for your help. :grin:
  2. New radiator = NFI
    Motorcycle purpose made radiator guard = $79
    Autobarn bling wire radiator guard = $15
    Fine chicken wire mesh from Bunnings = $0.50

    In terms of getting it fixed, you should be able to take it to a radiator repair place and they'll be able to patch it up for you. NatRad and the like do all sorts of air/water heat exchangers, and a motorcycle radiator is really just like an oversized car heatercore. No guesstimates on the price for the repair though - i guess it depends on how long it'd take them to fix.
  3. Thanks Koma. It does have a gaurd but clearly not good enough so I'm thinking another one might be worthwhile.

    Anyway, I called Floyd Parkes and found out that a new radiator will cost $820.55. :shock: Even they said it wasn't worth it before I'd even finished spitting out my coffee. :LOL: (I bought one for a car about 2 years ago cost $300).

    Tomorrows job will be find someone close by to repair it for me. Floyd Parkes did say they use RAD in Dandenong but it's a little far for me to travel unless I get desperate.

    Anyhoo, off to the shed for Seany, there's a 5 to dismantle. :( :) :( :? Better take another cup of coffee. :?
  4. Radiators can corrode out all by themselves, might not have been a stone. Might have been a previous owner not using corrosion inhibitor. To be honest, I have never seen a radiator damaged by debris off teh road.
    If it's a brass/soldered radiator, probably can be recored fairly easily. If it's aluminium, probably going to have to get a new aftermarket one. Aluminium radiators never seem to hold up well once reparied, aluminium is hard to weld/braze/solder and corrosion seems to take over inside at the welds.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Council owned bike, routinely servied to the letter by the dearer that sold it new and to me. It's been beautifully maintained and I can't see any sign of corrosion so I'd still go with the stone theory until I get the experts to look at it (not that you're not an expert. You might be, you just haven't seen it yet. :) ).
    When you say the aluminium ones don't hold up well, how long am I expecting? The ER-5's not a common bike and aftermarket (non-Kawasaki) parts basicly don't exist as far as I've found (Kwack parts are worth more than either of my arms). For the moment, it's re-con or start ringing wreckers looking for a hens tooth. But if it's only going to last a month or two, I may as well start saving that $800 (or seriously think about that Thundercat I saw advertised here). :)

    Edit 2: Rant deemed unecessary as problem was solved with little effort.
  6. Update, for interests sake, I've found anwers to my questions.

    1. A new radiator would cost a tad over $820, so that's not goint to happen.

    2. Yes they can be repaired. It can be done by some radiator specialists (the bigger specialists will, the small operators not so much). It could take an hour to a day to get it back depending on what other jobs they have to do that day and is expected to cost between $40-$80, depending on how much work is involved. :grin:

    Also, they won't take the radiator of the bike. You have to do that yourself or have the work done through a bike mechanic. This actually came as a relief. :) It hadn't occured to me that people would actually bring the whole bike in and expect them to know how to pull em apart, or more importantly put it back together.

    So it turns out, I can drop it off tomorrow, pick it up after work on Thursday and enjoy the weekend. Happy Seany :)
  7. I've got one here, unfortunately I didn't bring my laptop home from work so I can't upload a photo for you. Having just pulled it off the bike the damage is self evident. The bracket that mounts the fan to the radiator has over time been collecting stones and crap flying off the front wheel and under the radiator (which is why the standard gaurd didn't help). The stones are quite large in some cases and simply get flung into the back of the radiator hard enough that you don't have to look closely to see where they hit. They then fall to the join on the bracket and slowly get mashed into the fins. Damage is all exactly where it's leaking from so problem identied. :)

    I'll now have to design a new gaurd that also stops shit flying under the radiator into the fan bracket. I see it as a good chance to create a bit of bling. :grin: