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Radiator guards are just a piece of.... Mesh... Isn't it??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by hongyi77, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. My bike's radiator has a few dings from little rocks being flicked up etc. Other than dirt bikes that need serious coverage for their bits, I am assuming any radiator guard is for looks? Is there possible serious damage that can be done to radiators if a largish thing hits it?

    Also, will even purpose made guards restrict air flow to a certain extent. Has anyone added one and did you find it worthwhile to spend the money on what is basically a piece of mesh? Radguard is $179 for the VTR250 guard... Are they kidding??
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  2. yep, i am just using some left over safety mesh from work, went to clark rubber and grabbe a little bit of rubber edge stripping and a pack of tiny cable ties and made my own, sprayed it black with a old can of black paint, all up maybe 10 bucks works a treat and looks like a mesh rad guard
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  3. If you ride in close formation with others you could get a rock, even on bitumen.

    Worse that will happen but is that you will need a tow.
  4. A friend of mine bought a Ducati Streetfighter S a few years ago, $35,000 worth of bike.
    No Rad guards!! (at that price, WTF!)
    Bought it on Monday,
    Picked it up Tuesday,
    Riding on Wednesday, holed the radiator from a small stone flicked up from the front tyre!!!
    $1300 for a NEW radiator thank you very much!!
    That was at Dealer cost to help him out. (couldn't be repaired where the hole was)
    He had guards for the rad & oil cooler on order, they just hadn't arrived.

    Also, check Ebay etc for a better price.
    One for mine is about $120 from UK.
    Although I made mine for about $20!!! (y)
  5. I bought a 'fire guard' (goes in front of open fireplaces in the house), $15 @ Bunnings.
    A length of 3x10mm flat bar. $5
    Made up 2 frames & sandwiched the mesh from the guard between them.
    Like you, painted it black & it looks like a bought one! (y)
  6. And BTW, have you thought what might happen if you did get a hole in the radiator?
    Where is the leaking, slippery coolant most likely to go?
    Possibly just in front of your rear tyre!!!

    Just a thought :D
  7. My guard is not for looks and has not made any differnce to the temps. so plenty of air flow and plenty of protection.
  8. Bit the bullet and bought a radguard. Expensive I know but I don't have the time right now to get the materials etc and they make a specific one for my bike. Sounds like bad things CAN happen, why don't bikes have them as standard?!
  9. Then no one would sell them :)
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  10. Supercrap sell mesh in a flat packet, you can get it in several colours, usually used for the rice burners.

    Cut it to size, with a couple of hidden cable ties, is always a cheap alternative to a radguard....
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  11. Radiator guards are an insurance policy.

    I've had a leaking radiator ruin my day in the past......
    Not only is a repair required - but Ethylene Glycol (radiator fluid additive) is super slippery - you definitely don't want that dropping out onto the rear wheel let me tell you.
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  12. If you have a small mesh type rubbish bin at work (or at your boss' desk) it could go missing. Cut, make some edging, paint = nice.
  13. :grin: I like how your mind works! Why didn't I think of that?!
  14. DIY rocks, no two ways about it.

    But Radgaurd has a couple of things going for it. It is usually made with stainless steel mesh, so will last forever. If you are a serious all weather touring rider, that might tip you towards buying one. The other factor that might sway you is convenience... when it comes in, it's a 5min fit as it's custom designed for your bike. It even comes with the cable ties and pre located holes.

    The price tag might be worth it for some.
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  15. Yeah I agree, the Radguard ones bolts on to the radiator fixtures, so neat and no cable ties. I do intend to do longer distances and I already ride in all kinds of weather, plus it is a real time-saver for me right now.

    Will post pics when I get it next week!
  16. I've had a holed radiator on the road. Only a small one, but it can happen.

    Another possible source of stainless and/or coated mesh is the places (like Crimsafe) that make security screens for windows. Pieces that would cover a bike radiator are probably filling their offcut bins. Aldi has a four-piece (counting a torch) toolset for $80, although with NiCad batteries, and I see Home Hardware has a three-piece set with Lithium Iron cells going at the moment for the same price. You could have yourself protection for less than a branded rad guard, including scoring some cordless tools into the bargain.
  17. Its cheap insurance I think, especially if you DIY, and beats having to organise a tow from out woop woop, Its on my list for making one this week.

    I would air flow test it with an air blower or similar before fitting to ensure proper cooling.
  18. just made one, really easy and looks like the real deal..

    super cheap auto has the mesh for 30 bucks , can make about 3-4

    1) Take both fairings off
    2) Get cardboard and cut it to fit the radiator
    3) Make sure cardboard dimensions are spot on and straight
    4) Stick it to the mesh and cut around it
    5) Tape off all four sides of the guard to prevent scratching from edges
    6) Place on guard on radiator and cable tie each corner
    7) win