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Radiator guard - not a cure-all

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by BitSar, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Take note......

    A very experienced rider (ZX9A6) told me a while ago about finding a stone behind his radiator guard.........it made me think.

    I got off the bike tonight after the commute and for some reason took a look at the RAD........hmmmm.....

    Before (with guard - everything looks A-OK)

    After (without gaurd and after I had removed larger debris)

    There were some larger stones pinned between the RAD guard and the fins - they fell away nicely - but what concerns me is the fine line of gravel slowly drilling its' way into the bottom seal.......

    I'm going to run without the guard for the next week to see if normal riding vibration loosens this mess - a cursory clean with a coarse nylon brush had no effect (other than further embedding the current debris ](*,))

    Case in point - RAD guards may in-fact do more harm than good - not only can they impede air-flow, it appears they can also trap crap that would have otherwise vibrated away.....

    Just a thought.
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  2. FFS - I just ordered one of these yesterday. Now it turns out they destroy the radiator.

    Where were you with this gem of info yesterday?

    Ok, maybe I'm dramatising a tad.
  3. By all means fit the guard - just don't be complacent with maintenance.

    For larger objects striking the radiator a guard is great. However it would appear that they are not without their short-comings...

    I think the moral of the story is:
    "Treat her right and she'll treat you right"

    Bikes or Babes......same-same (y)
  4. i had a stone get into the BACK of my rad and do 200 laps with my cooling fan and then spit out between the rad and the cooling fan cowling nicking the rad and leaving an injector size hole behind.. IN A CAR PARK!!! no.. a rad guard wouldnt have stopped it.. nothing would of.. i think there is a bit of value in a rad guard that is a good half inch from the rad fins itself so debris can fall through the space between guard and rad.. and still will stop the big bastards hitting the rad itself..
  5. Very true Portagrug (porta-loo) :D

    For day-to-day use I agree a RAD guard is a good piece of kitt......however! Monthly maintenance should still be employed to ensure nothing is lying dormant.....

    Just my 2cents
  6. Oh damn it.. its been said 3 times today and now look whats happened..!!! :(
  7. In the eternal words of Monty Burns................exccccccccccceeeleeeent
  8. Looks like I will be pulling mine off for a look see tomorrow.
  9. the first ride i took with my new staintune exhaust,
    a big chunk of bluestone flung up and put a big dent in it

    i could only laugh
  10. Just raced out and checked mine. Sits out about 5-10mm from the radiator due to the adhesive pads stuck on the back. No build up of crap inbetween. All good :)

  11. Maybe some spacers are in order......hmmmm
  12. Mine's a fine mesh guard. All good.
  13. What brand have you got Rob?
  14. Cheers mate - never heard of that make.

    I know the usual suspects RadGuard (mine) EvoTech, R&G etc.....

    Thanks for the link - I'll take a look (y)
  15. So far only small pieces of bugs behind my evotech.
  16. hhrrmmm.. look up warpspeed dealers in vic.. from the warpspeed website..

    the only victorian dealer: Peter stevens..

    Well.. i guess ill be getting a different brand then.. :rofl:
  17. Had a look at mine a while ago. (home made guard)
    5mm gap & I flush it from the rear whenever I wash the bike. Nothing there! :D
  18. Nice tip Streety......I think I will gap mine out with some spacers and just keep it on the maintenance list......I'd rather run WITH a guard than WITHOUT.....
  19. For the record, mines a Cox brand radiator guard. Comes with the pads for the back of it included.