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Radiator Fan Malfunctioning

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by btam, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Learnt heaps last time for general servicing but I haven't been riding due to the bike not being in good condition.

    The gist of it is that I spent about a grand on servicing and provided most of the stuff so i could ride as soon as possilbe (including a new chain and sprockets...) when I got it back the radiator fan won't turn off half way on the ride home.

    Sick of spending more to get it fixed not to mention taking the bike out to the suburbs and organising transportation.

    The fan is on as soon as i switch the bike on and goes off if i turn the bike off.. can someone step me through what I need to troubleshoot this and fix it?

    I assumed it wasn't the fuse given the fan still runs... is there something i should be checking? If it's too big a job... a mechanic thats open on the weekends? I don't want to go back to the one in moorabbin.

    The only things I've learnt so far is to change oil, filter, coolant, spark plubs, airfilter .. just general maintenance.. so i'm still a newbie... (was meant to learn how to change the chains and sprocket but didn't have the time in the end).



  2. Check the coolant level first thing before any more riding.
    What model bike is it?
  3. Agree not the fuse else fan would not work.

    Coolanmt level could be an issueif the fan stayed on once bike got hot but as it switches on immediately before the bike has a chance to warm upnot usre this is the cause. I assume there is a thermostat switch to bring the fan on/switch it off. I'd be suspicious it is jammed on. If so new switch.
  4. You might wanna pm Streetmaster seeing he's doing services from home nowaday's? Does weekend work so might be more convenient for you.
  5. Since your fan is working, it sounds like your radiator fan thermostat switch is faulty and letting electricity through all the time.

    I haven't looked at an R6, but if it's anything like a Honda you'll have a wire running into the fan, and another wire next to it that runs into a switch that screws into the radiator itself. This is for the purpose of earthing. When the internal part of that switch is hot (due to exposure to the radiator fluid) it allows electricity to pass through the switch to earth, thereby turning the fan on. If it isn't exactly like this it will be similar - ie it might not earth through the switch itself to the radiator, but have a second wire running off the switch to earth.

    Unplugging the wire from the switch should definitely stop the fan.

    It took me about two minutes to replace one. A new, genuine switch from Yamaha might cost a bit, though, but you might be able to buy one after market.

    Hope this helps,
  6. Thanks for everyone's suggestions.. just letting everyone know how things went in the end..

    the bike ended up getting to the point that the fan stopped but the electricals wouldn't turn off and the engine would still run when i took the key out and the engine oil came on at one time too lol..

    it was so twitchy that at a point i couldn't even turn off the electricals and i could turn the bike on by spinning the fan as long as the key was in the on position (turned the bike off by pulling out a fuse).

    Anyway long story short... took to the mechanic.. and basically a previous mechanic i went with left wires hanging near the fan below the heat shield and it'd sliced through a couple cables as soon as the fan kicked in after leaving the first mechanic... needless to say they weren't helpful to look at it..

    but Pete at everything 2 wheels was very helpful.. definitely the place of choice if i ever have problems in the future. well that is until i get my own garage and time to fiddle and follow you tube clips :)