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radiator coolants

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by parer69, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    Is the radiator coolant for my honda vt750c the same coolant they use in cars same color green but can i use

  2. I suspect not. Was told I need coolant for an aluminium motorbike engine. don't know what yours is but be careful.
  3. Yep. Same stuff.
  4. who is right then ?. ive always thought coolant is coolant but when having aluminium parts made me think differently i started to wonder.. i will prob do the coolant on the er6 this month and prefer to be on the money.
  5. Most Engines have bulk aluminium components, these days.

    Buy coolant that is mostly ETHYLENE GLYCOL. Colour doesn't matter.
  6. beauty, thanks
  7. Just rang a Kawasaki dealer about the same thing for my bike.
    Any of the pre-mixed ones from the auto shops that are designed for aluminium blocks will be fine.
  8. in the GPX i used coolant from a mate who runs a lab for CAT. very heavy in glycol.. worked a treat. and was free
  9. Great price, mate.
  10. yeah better get some more. could sell it on here
  11. I was always of the understanding that red and green coolant were of different composition and they could not be mixed....
    maybe someone with more technical knowledge can confirm or dispell this as a myth ???
  12. marketing bull. keeps you using the same one.
  13. I always use a coolant that's silicate free. Many are not.
  14. As a rule you never mix colours, most are not compatable, and will crystallize and block your radiator.

    In fact I dont even mix brands anymore even if they are the same colour, I mixed green with green awhile back and less than 24hrs later the radiator was out and getting cleaned with 60% blocked through crystallization.

    So for top ups I now just use water unless I 100% know whats already in there. For coolant changes I totally drain and flush then refill.
  15. I do the same.
  16. What's radiator coolant? :LOL:
  17. Something that modern bikes have.