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Radiator Coolant ~ Zeal

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Garn Cook, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Hello, I've just purchased my first motorcycle that isn't air cooled.
    I emptied the radiator and found it was bright green.
    Shouldn't this be diluted?
    It appears it is straight out of the coolant bottle!
    Does Yamaha make a special coolant that you don't dilute or is this normal?
    Is there any ill effects using coolant concentrate straight?

  2. Coolant can be bought in either straight or pre-mixed (diluted) varieties. Both a pretty damn green. Are you sure you're looking at the straight stuff?
  3. Thanks Jack, It is pretty green and I have seen similar in the concentrated coolant.
    I will be putting new coolant in.
    Does anyone know if it is detrimental to use the full concentrate?
  4. Yep. The concentrate isn't as effective at cooling the engine as water (much lower heat capacity).
  5. Some, including what i have in my car, are so ridiculously fluro green that i thought it was just concentrate.
    Had the car in to have some work done i have neither the time, interest nor tools to attack, and asked them to flush the cooling system. Instead they took a sample and said everything is perfect and the coolant has another 6-12 months of service life in it. Curious though - ive had the car a year thats some pretty good coolant ;).