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Radiator cap replace?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Peppy, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    Changed the coolant on the versys today. Noticed that there was a small amount of rubber fragments in the drained coolant and the rubber on the radiator cap was roughed up a little in a small patch. Put everything together and all seems ok.

    Should I replace the cap? Can somebody suggest a good third party brand if I should? (can look up the specs and get something appropriate)

    Afaik the cap is the original - 4 years / 14k km.

  2. If the cap, buy a factory cap but possibly your water pump impeller is chewing up and that is the rubber pieces you are finding in the coolant.
  3. Anything is possible, but there weren't many fragments, and I noticed some around the radiator filler neck where the cap sits. Coupled with the light damage to the rubber on the cap makes me think what I do.

    Any reason you suggest oem cap? Got charged two dollars for an 8mm crush washer for the drain bolt, and it took a week for them to get it, too.
  4. Factory caps have a spring tension that releases into the overflow bottle at the right pressure, and they are guaranteed to fit. Trying to bodge it up with an aftermarket cap (assuming one even exists) isn't worth the hassle in my view.

    Order from offshore if the locals don't have it, often I can get parts ex-USA or JPY in 2-3 days. Many bikes from the same manufacturer probably use the same cap so it might be quite common.
  5. Does the cap have any indication what the release pressure should be? This is often marked on the cap.

    This is often worth knowing if ordering an aftermarket cap.

    They can be tested to see if they are OK. Workshop manual may have the release pressure in it.
  6. On the display stands at Supercheap/Autobarn etc you can buy these in a plastic bag with two or more, should only be a couple of bucks, no need to source these as genuine OME. If the original is copper, it is easy to re-anneal these yourself and re-use.

    That's rediculous. As above, go to any autoparts place and buy generic ones over the counter, no waiting.
  7. Tried to source a generic crush washer, auto parts store didn't have the right size - I asked / looked. Didn't have enough time to go to several, so waited instead.

    Went to Peter Stevens on Saturday - the guy manning the parts bench advised that an OEM cap is $35-ish, and (surprise) they'd have to order it in.

    Did what the parts guy suggested and got a radiator cap for generic jap sportbikes rated at the correct pressure. As far as I could tell the spring lengths were the same, so I should be right. (an aside - so long as the cap releases at correct pressure the feed to the overflow tank should work)

    Been on a couple rides around town since the new cap went on - fan goes on/off like it should and nothing seems to be leaking. I'll keep an eye on coolant levels for the next couple months to make sure all is well.

    The coolant change and a couple other bits and bobs was for a longer ride that I've been planning all summer. Wish I could keep an eye on it for a few more days, but with the weather this week tomorrow might be my best bet to jump on the bike for the day and hope I don't regret anything.
  8. Can I ask if there is anything unique about the crush washer you're after? Unusual outside diameter or something? I find it difficult to comprehend that it's being so difficult to find one. Repco, Bursons, Autobarn, any of those should have them by the dozen, or so I would have thought.
    Is the original crush washer buggered? If not, and it was me, I'd re-use it without a second thought. YMMV
  9. Just went to the one store and there's nothing unusual about it. Didn't have correct diameter. It's a non issue now, both the crush washer and the cap ended up being replaced. The cap is non oem, but put a lot of km on the bike today, and nothing fell off. Well, nothing related to the cooling system anyhow......

    Coolant level seems to be steady, so I'm calling it a win.