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Radial tyres on a 2006 vtr250?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by gundy, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. My vtr250 currently has a mismatched pair of (questionable) tyres and I'm looking to upgrade them as part of my next service.

    I would like a sticky set of tyres that handle well; I'm not too worried about wear rate etc.

    It seems that the vtr 250 had bias tyres from factory, and from what I understand it's usually recommended to fit the same type of tyres as replacements owing to the fact that it's what the frame etc was designed for.. I'm just curious how important this really is, as it seems that the stickier/better tyres from any given manufacturer are usually of radial construction.

    Has anyone here put radial tyres on a vtr250 or other small bike that had bias tyres from factory, and if so, would you care to share you experiences?

    If I stick with bias construction it seems I'm looking at bt45's or sport demons, but going radial opens things up to bt090 (bt003?) and others.

  2. When Radials first came out there was lots said about to much grip for the frame on older bikes.Older bikes are usually a fair bit heavier because that wasn't such a priority and to me that means stronger.Your biggest hurdle is rim size,anything smaller than a 3,00 rear means your limited to a 140x60 BT 92,thats the smallest rear radial made these days.Combined with a Bt023 front I loved them for grip,you need to run big pressures though,40psi for rear to stop sidewall flex and there a touch under sized for a 3.00 rear,3.5 is ideal.The only reason I stopped using them was the low profile lowered the final drive gearing just to much and a sprocket swop lowered top speed to much.So my take is Radials are great if the rims are big enough,if not I now run Sports Demons.There 90% as good.The BT 45 tend to wear weird on the front,till then there great.
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