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Radial tyre repair

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Seedy, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Freakin nail through my newish rear Power Pure so I started thinking about the cheapie bunghole repair jobbies to save me forking out $300+. Found this while looking, sure made me stop and think. Just happened to have my daughter sitting on my knee at the time too.

    New tyre ordered.

    Original thread at http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/community/Forums/Categories/Topic/?topic-id=389465&start-page=10
  2. Any competent repairer should advise you as to whether the hole in your tyre is inside the allowable area for plug repair.

    As for the reliability of such repairs, I guess you wouldn't do one if you were going to do track days on the tyre, but I've had such a repair done twice on the back tyres of my bike and happily and safely seen them through to normal replacement.
  3. In the quoted article, the problem seems to have been, not that the tyre was repaired per-se, but that the repair was not done correctly. If you can trust your tyre shop (and if you can't, why the fuck are you using them?), they'll be able to advise reliably on whether a repair is possible and safe.
  4. I really cant see how a mushroom plug would cause a catastrophic accident - not unless the tyre had a blowout. Ive used the "black sticky rope" repair-from-outside ones several times before (one for a couple of thousand k's, plus a trackday) and not suffered any ill effects. They do develop slow leaks sometimes. These ones are only intended as temporary repairs, but I stuck with them. Ive had 2 in one tyre before. Worst case scenario I can envisage would be the entire plug blowing out (unlikely) and deflating quickly whilst going around a long sweeper at speed where you werent able to notice before committing.

    That said, ropes are intended as a TEMPORARY repair - and mushrooms (these need the tyre removed to fit) are a PERMANENT repair but the tyre places will tell you its best to replace the tyre as soon as you are able.
  5. :-s It doesn't say that the repair contributed to the accident, just that it was done incorrectly.

    Any more info from the source?

    My rear conti has a plug in it at the moment, I can't see how, if done correctly it would be a problem, short of causing the rear to explode...
  6. as a young fella I used to plug and patch car tyres deacdes ago of course, back then only ever heard minimal issues with plugs, one major thing the boss had always told me do to, with plugs, drown the bugger in goo!! patches never ever had an issue..
  7. It's a tragic story, but the poster didn't explain what the plug in the tyre had to do with the accident. Ie more information is needed.
  8. Not trying to tell anyone else what to do, it just made me think is all. There are bunches of risks that come with riding on the road, some you can control some you can't. This is one I can, so I'm gonna.

    As for whether I trust my tyre place... I haven't a frickin clue. I have never had a puncture before, all my tyre work in the past has been fitting new sets. I rang everywhere this morning and only found 2 places near me that said they would actually do radial repairs... neither of whom I have used before... so not a freakin clue whether or not I could trust them.

    The only mechanic I do trust is my regular one, Pete at ETW, and he won't touch repairs on radials. Good enough for me.
  9. fair enough.