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Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by WinterMelon, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Heya Guys,

    Recently ordered a radiator guard from Radguard.com.au for my Yamaha MT-07. They make it for a whole heap of other models as well. Sorry about the poor phone pictures.

    Aesthetically, it doesn't look as good as the evotech or R&G (imo) but it is light and sturdy.
    Very solid and didn't flex/warp when I attempted to bend it.

    Comes extremely well packaged with shite loads of packaging foam, coloured instructions, a magazine and sticker.


    The rear has foam tape pre-applied to stop contact with the radiator

    Very easy to install. It uses the existing side radiator mounts. Sits flush and mounts line up exact.
    Instructions were clear and they even provide a instructional video:


    However it requires you to cut a bit of the radiator side cover to make room for the arms on the radiator guard. Initially I was apprehensive about having to modify anything but it was easily done with scissors and can't be seen once installed - more details in video.

    I picked the polished alloy because the colour blends in with the radiator itself. Looks terrific.

    When pushing in the grill, there's a little bit of give but it doesn't touch the radiator core even when pushing firmly. I assume this provides some impact absorption.

    Can't comment on whether little rocks will collect inside like other radiator guards but time will tell.

    Highly recommended for a fuss-free quality product.
  2. Yes I've got one on my MT09 and I also had one on my previous bike. Good quality, never had a radiator problem. I just get dead bugs collecting in there, just need to remove it every so often and clean them out.
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  3. Got one for the Honda CB500X. Didn't require any modification at all. Had it for a few months and hasn't collected anything inside.
  4. Hey Guys,
    so from your experience with rad guard is it worth getting.?
    And why?

  5. Its insurance against damage to your radiator. Hard to calculate if its worth it, as you may never have a rock go through your radiator, but here's how I reason it.

    What would it cost me if I had a rock flick up which put a hole in my radiator 100klms from home? Taking into account towing, inconvenience, cost to replace or repair radiator.

    Now what if I didn't realise that there was a hole in my cooling system and my engine got cooked? How much would an engine rebuild cost?

    Now likelihood: How likely is it to happen?

    Going off the amount of stonechips on my car and bike, its not uncommon for rocks and stones to be thrown up Now that I think of it, just last weekend my right knee got smashed on two separate occasions by rocks, so its plausible that one could hit my radiator and cause damage.

    So what do you think? Would it be worth it?
  6. I think it's worth getting for all the points you mentioned but does does it alter the bikes performance?
  7. It is for me. I ride a block of gravel in going from my place and to my place and anywhere else I ride on gravel roads, there's uh... Gravel.

    The bike I bought (1250 Bandit) had no screen on the radiator. After a week, the finning was denting up significantly. It was only a matter of time before, I did some real damage.

    As CraigA has said, it is good insurance, against what I see as a certainty.
  8. Ive got them on my Z300 ..worth every dollar ! As others have said ..protection from crap that flies through. Had it on pretty much from day 1 ive had the bike .
  9. No, but I'm not sure where you are coming from there. Are you worried that the bikes cooling system won't be as effective or is there some other thing you thought would be effected on the bike? What made you think it would alter the bikes performance and what part of the bike?
  10. I'm sure that one time you're stuck in the middle of nowhere with an overheated bike and a hole in your radiator you will think it was worth it.
  11. Cheap insurance. I've fitted both Radguard and Evotech guards in the past to all my bikes. As mentioned, it only has to happen once when your miles from home for it to be worth it..