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Radar Detectors?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cossie, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. whats the legalities of owning a radar detector in Vic?

    Is it true that they have radar detector detectors?

    are there any detectors that the police cant detect and is it a massive fine if you get caught with one?

    Purely out of interest obviously (I obviously have no intention of speeding at all, ever, anywhere :wink: )
  2. Yes they do exist Cossie
    But you dont want to be caught with one :!:
    Not sure what the fine would be but it would not be small :shock:

    Any way they would look like crap on a bike :roll:
  3. There are ones that you can import from the states, they detect the radar, send you the warning then turn themselves off so the radar detector detector cannot detect them.
    They fit in a jacket pocket and use an earphone for the audible warning.

    Fine from memory is $2000 and they confiscate it (avoiding radar detection) or similar, im no expert in this field.
  4. cheers guys, was thinking cars as well as bikes.

    Ive only recently moved from the UK where they are legal to use but no-one really seems to bother over here :(
  5. When the Victorian government banned radar detectors, back in the 80s, at the time, it was a $2,000 fine. And you'd be fined for being in possesion of one. Doesn't matter if it's dead, and sitting at the bottom of your junk pile in the back of the garage.

    These days, they probably execute you for it....
  6. Well, this guy at a party, told me about a mate of his who knew this guy that had is hand chopped off at the wrist by a cop that caught him with a detector a couple of years ago. :shock: :wink: :wink: :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Each Melbourne TOG unit has a radar detector detector, but the chance of coming across this is slim to nil.
    If you are caught with on in you possesion your busted, does'nt matter where either car, handbag or in the house...

  8. indeed... my friend/his dad got done for having one in his boot (turned off mind you). they gave him 2 choices - give it up and receive $2000 fine; or they'll keep him there until they get a warrant, search the car etc etc.
  9. Actually they are now known as TMU's (Traffic Management Unit's)

    They are not illegal to own but they are illegal to use.
    If it is in the house they have no right to take it off you as you are incapable of using it to avoid radar detection.
    If it was in your handbag and you were crossing the street, again they cannot take it off you.

    If it is a vehicle then it is capable of being used and you will have it confiscated and/or fined. as the above poster stated.
  10. VICTORIA - (Road Safety Act 1986) 74. (1) A person must not own, sell, use or possess a device the sole or principal purpose of which is to prevent the effective use of a prescribed speed measuring device or to detect when a prescribed speed measuring device is being used.

    think that sums that up!
    http://www.radarlaser.com.au/lawsrdau.htm find the police site later but it also states the same!
  11. Sec 74.

    74. Offence to sell, use or possess anti-speed measuring devices

    (1) A person must not own, sell, use or possess a device the sole or principal purpose of which is to prevent the effective use of a prescribed speed measuring device or to detect when a prescribed speed measuring device is being used.

    You will find the part "A person must not own" just that, so to have a radar detector in your posesion or therepart (house, handbad etc) is illegal!

    also covered here in the lasted version 0.77
  12. I wonder how Road Angel devices get away with it, given that their sole function is to alert the driver to the location of speed cameras.
  13. road angel only informs you of public knoweledge cameras (fixed)
    Version 0.77 of the Road Safety Act 1986 covers that.
  14. I stand corrected
  15. Unless things have changed since a couple of years ago im pretty sure the police cant actually dismantle your car in search for a radar detector. They can only look in accessible places. ie glove box, boot under seat etc.
  16. they have the power to do a full search Mik84
  17. Ok, that must be pretty new then or when i went to the cop shop they had old info. I was lookin at buyin one in 02 so i went down to the cop shop and asked them what go was and they went through all their folders and showed me the passage regarding detectors which stated something to that effect. That was just in regard to detectors and said that they couldnt actually say pry your dash open if they thought you had a detector in there. Also obviously they couldnt use an excuse say that they were lookin for drugs or firearms then dismantle your car and find the detector. If they did that they wouldnt be allowed to fine you or the like. Also they couldnt search you personally for a detector ie. if you saw them comin and put it down your pants or something. Ill give em a call tomorrow and see what the go is...
  18. quoted from that site:

    so if it was inside a sealed box marked 'central locking module' or similar and secured under the dash with a wiring loom entering it theres a chance they'd forget about it? or do you reckon once they've detected the detector they would stop at nothing?

    obviously you'd turn it off the second it picks up a speed trap so Im thinking they'd have to assume they got the wrong car and the detector must have been in a different car. :idea:
  19. To detect a radar signal, the detector has to have a device known as "local oscillator" running. This matches the frequency of the recieved signal to its internal reference. (Your car radio works basically the same way - the difference between the local oscillator and the recieved signal is separated out and Presto! noise in the speakers).

    Unfortunately, the local oscillator also emits at this frequency. The Police radar detector has a feed horn (antenna) which both transmits and receives its own weakened reflected signal. It can also detect the oscillators of radar detectors. So the one device can be used for both functions.