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Radar Detectors

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Fa1c0n, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Anyone "KNOW OF SOMEONE" whos uses radar detectors?

    Are they actually 'undetectable'?
    How acurate are they?

  2. Totally illegal in all states of Australia.

    And they can detect them,
  3. Apart from WA for the time being.

    I wouldn't be betting my licence on one.
  4. I was under the impression that they were legal to own, but illegal to use in a moving vehicle in all states other than Western Australia.

    All I know is my Dad had one twenty years back that could detect "X" and "R", but he never used to speed anyway. Just wanted to be cautious.
  5. Google the information on radar detectors in OZ
  6. In Vic they can detect them,my brother was travelling at the speed limit but the cops pulled him over and said we beleive u have a dector in your car.And they were right.Buster Fine plus points and u loose the detedtor as well
  7. They can detect them. You might be able to get an undetectable one but who knows how long it will stay that way before they catch up to it? It's an incredible fine too ($1383)and 9 demerit points as well in NSW.
  8. Illlegal to purchase in NSW also according to http://www.delonixradar.com.au/new-south-wales/ (may be outdated)

    What are the laws governing the use of radar detectors in NSW

    4AD Sale, purchase and use of prohibited speed measuring evasion articles:

    (1) A person must not sell or offer for sale, or purchase, a prohibited speed measuring evasion article.

    Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units.
  9. i bought one back in 88 , to save my licence , i lost 11 point in the space of 6 weeks driving a works van , its detects both x and k band radar , been in mothballs since they change the laws 20 odd years ago, had lots fun driving around looking for radar traps
  10. I'd like someone to confirm that hwy car are actually fitted with detector detectors.

    Not that I'd bother fitting one.
  11. I wanna put one on my bicycle! Woooot!
  12. As an ex-RADAR tech I'm interested to know how the ECCMs work.
    I just can't see coppers carrying enough gear to detect a passive detector; a passive detector will let you know you're in the beam, but can't mess up the return to the HWP vehicle...
  13. Steve: dad! Radar.
    Dad: how much that cost?
    Steve: 70 bucks.
    Dad: just paid for itself.