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N/A | National Radar Detectors for bikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by c0rrupt, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Whats the deal with having one of these: http://www.radarbusters.com/motorcy...ycle-radar-detectors/6524+6529+4293856178.cfm

    With a specific view for Vic.

    Has anyone used one, do they work in Aus etc?

    When I had one while I was living in the US I had K-40 which worked very well. Wondering what is the law on them here and if the technology would work in Australia?


  2. Radar detectors are illegal in vic and some fuzz have radar detector detectors.
  3. Radar detectors are illegal in, AFAIK, all states apart from WA.
  4. Thanks guys.

    I presumed they would be, was curious if anyone had any experience with them and knew what the penalties involved are if you were caught.

    Moreso keen to know if anyone has used before? Surprised that WA allows them!
  5. do they sell radar detector detector detectors?
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  6. By the time you get the warning your gone,even if they don't electrically detect it your sudden reaction gets there attention,my experience was funny watching it get hidden in the bush on a double demerits weekend after getting pinged by a car going the other way.Waste of money,BTW not my gadget and it didn't get found.Bet it doesn't get used again though.The 2 out front went for 128 and the following bunch got a finger wagging.
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  7. How much did that cost?
    70 bucks.
    Just paid for itself.

    That is all.
  8. Yes, and that question gets asked every time :)
  9. *****This is information only, no I don't have one, nor will I be getting one*****

    The only radar detectors that can not be detected by police radar detector detectors (RDD) in Australia are:

    The Beltronics STi Driver (re-badged as the Bel XR in Australia) - a portable radar detector
    The Bel STi-R+ which is the hidden / installed version of the STi above (re-badged as the Bel XRC in Australia)
    The Stinger DSI which is manufactured in Europe and is another hidden / installed radar detector
    The Escort 9500ci - which uses the same antenna as the Bel unit - also a hidden / installed radar detector
    The Escort "Redline" - again using the Bel STi antenna, but is a portable radar detector

    ***Update, I have reason to believe that the Stinger DSI should not be on the above list, please do your own investigation if required.
  10. It's a huge fine, $1300 in the ACT and it will be confiscated when you're caught. If you refuse to hand it over that's another $1300 fine.
  11. Great feedback chaps, thanks!(y)
  12. That's what I get for attempting to be witty. Can I have an E for effort? Interesting info nonetheless. I've always wondered about these devices.
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  13. You got a smiley face, isn't that enough?
  14. Why yes, yes it is. Thanks.
  15. Realistically I doubt if this will be the case for much longer. Indeed, I have vague recollections of a date being fixed to outlaw them.

    I haven't taken much notice because, frankly, I wouldn't have the faith in them to gamble my license on their effectiveness. OTOH, they did used to make Grant Dorrington's head explode so they do have at least one useful function :LOL:.
  16. With Australia the way it is politically, I cant see it either!
  17. An acquaintance has some experience of them here in Victoria, they do detect door openers etc when you pass by warehouses but generally you get to know what is probably an approaching detector before it can lock on. It has saved this acquaintances license on more than one occasion. The model this person has fits inside his jacket and so can be switched off easily and would require a body search to be discovered.

    Detector detectors can only detect the detector if the detector is switched on. :)
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  18. CJ, thanks for that, any idea what the model/make was he had?
  19. The higher-end smarter stuff learns abotu false positives. You just press a button on it and it cross references against the GPS and says "ok, ignore x-band at this location", etc.

    I imagine by now most of you can guess my views on them being banned.