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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Big Kev, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Went to register my bike with the racv a while ago, which with the car usually costs around the 50 bucks mark, and they tried to charge me 160, with the 100 bucks being for "on road costs".

    Now this got me fired up because they're not a car dealership, and I therefore get the impression that "on road costs" do not apply here.

    I was wondering if anybody knows what exactly is meant by "on road costs" and whether they have a right to charge them, or whether I can take this to consumer affairs and have their arses hauled over the coals.
  2. why don't you ask them to define it? Many organisations like this charge you a 'joining' fee the first time - is this something to do with it?
  3. When my car got nicked i had no dramas when i asked em to swap my cover over to my bike, dont know if that helps?

    Maybe call and ask em to explain exactly what they mean...
  4. Looking at the prices: http://motoring.racv.com.au/racvm/peacemind/membership.cfm, I'd hazard a guess they were offering you Total Care (which covers virtually any car, motorcycle you are in control (or out of control in whichever the case may be)or Motorcycle Touring options & Motorcycle Options.
    As to on road costs, I generally associate that with buying a new vehicle from a LMCT, which I've done recently.
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  7. Big Kev....What exactly were the circumstances at the time, and what were you trying to "register" for? It's handy to have all the details. I'm sure you're leaving some significant details out.

    If you're talking about the roadside breakdown service, and the vehicle in question had an existing problem, then there are "Cost of service" fees to pay as well as the usual membership and joining fees.

    And yes you could try taking them to consumer affairs, but they are charges they are entitled to charge and you would just end up looking silly.
  8. By the way, if there is an existing problem with the vehicle being joined up to a new breakdown assistance package, you can only join onto the standard package but can upgrade later on.

    Cost breakdown in this case is...

    Breakdown membership $68
    Joining Fee $39
    Cost of Service Fee $68.

    The CoS fee is only charged when there is an existing problem and/or if there's a callout within 24 hours. Otherwise it.s the $68 + $39. The Joining fee is waived if you are under 21 years old.