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RACV: Shafted again by them

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Doch, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. A couple years I came to grief on the monash freeway when a mischievous con rod created an extra inlet port for me. So i called the racv only to be told that the car was the only thing covered so I paid over the phone for the cover. I then get through to the call centre and they then infoem mw that under the membership i just purchased i get a whole 25ks and the off she comes and Im left stranded about 140ks from home.
    So its decided that we'll go for the absolute top of the range so to cover the bike.Great idea right? Wrong. Today i get a flat battery so I my friends at the RACV and you guessed it they will fill a fuel tank, they will pump up a tyre but for a jump start the will only send a tow truck take it to a workshop for repair. Any one know of an organization that will look after roadside assist for bikes?

  2. Thanks for that titus. I just went to sign up and just my luck they aren't taking any new members. Aaarrrggghh
  3. Google "roadside assistance for motorcycles australia" I got heaps of links.
  4. Is this true??
    If so, I'd like to know why.
    Anyone out there have a clue regarding this?
  5. Gee, that's diasppointing. I'm not fussed over the roadside assistance but I liked to think my membership was helping funding some good works.

    Re RACV, sometimes it's best to just feign mechanical ignorance to the call centre operator. Some of the guys on the scene are willing to be more helpful (although not all).
    It's wacky though, when you just want a jump, they want to tow, when you know you need a tow, they insist on sending the van first.
  6. NSW Motorcycle Alliance @motorcycle alliance
  7. OP Is from Vic (RACV)? So don't think a NSW one will help him?
  8. Think again. The NSW Motorcycle Alliance will cover you no matter what state you live in. I believe the cost is $35.

    Go here http://www.motorcycling.com.au/ or send @motorcycle alliance a PM for more information.
  9. RACV total care covers any vehicle I am in. from the website:
    admittedly they don't say what they'll do if ou have a flat battery, but once the operator gets to you I'm sure he'd prefer to use the jumper cables than load the bike on the flatbed
  10. Personally, I wouldn't want some of those d!cks messing with my bike. I'm happy with a tow. Tow it down to @streetmaster
  11. For some reason, I can't edit the above post. The end of it was supposed to say.."and let him deal with it" (speaking of myself here).

  12. OH well there ya go, learn something new every day.
  13. Just to clarify a couple of things...

    Motorcycling Australia's Riders Division has effectively closed it's doors for new members. Existing members will still be looked after for the remainder of their contract for roadside assistance, then the NSW Motorcycle Alliance will be the organisation that takes things on from there for their renewal if people wish to renew.

    The Riders Division is directing new membership applications to the NSW Motorcycle Alliance. The two organisations are linked under the umbrella of Motorcycling Australia, hence the co-ordination.

    The Roadside Assistance offered by The Alliance is exactly the same as the one previously offered by the Rider's Division, only $4 cheaper. It is a national scheme and we already have members in every state and territory in Australia.

    It's $35 per year, and gets you two free callouts per year, anywhere in Australia, as long as you are on an officially recognised road. That even includes some roads in State Forests, etc.

    Free Towing limit is 50km from point of pick up at the roadside to when the driver gets back to base. Any distance covered above that 50km will attract a towing fee.

    To clarify a point made earlier about why a tow truck was sent for a bike that needed a jump start, the thing you have to bear in mind with all of these services is that the majority of the mechanics involved in any of these programmes are car mechanics, and some will have very limited knowledge of bikes. In fact, some have limited knowledge when it comes to different car brands. If they are unsure about how to fix something, they will most likely organise a two for you to someone who can fix the problem. You can imagine the drama involved if they tried to fix something on the roadside and did more damage. That can even extend to jump starting some modern vehicles. Some manufacturers recommend that their vehicles not be jump started.

    Either way, if they can't get you going, they can organise pick up for you. If you know when you call for help that you will need a tow, just notify the operator and they should send a truck in the first instance.

    By the way, our website is currently down due to server issues. We are working on a solution as we speak, but normally you can join the alliance on the website and pay via paypal.

    Please bear in mind we do not allow emergency signups. It takes a couple of days to process a new membership, and one of the ways we keep the price down is by not doing callouts for people who are not members and have broken down and want to join over the phone.

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    Our website (when it's working!) is www.motorcyclealliance.com.au
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  14. I have this and have used it to get a tow no problems, haven't tried the flat bat yet though
  15. I am thinking maybe I should ad call out's to my bike towing service. I can do a couple of things like fuel, air even a puncture if safe to do so and jump start and if's worse the trailer is always hooked up for a tow. Me thinking out loud.
    Sorry to hear of your grieve I have the same cover and from all the chatter I never expected more then a tow when on the bike with RACV.

  16. So next time just say you ran out of fuel. When they arrive just BTW can you give me a jump??
  17. Yep you're right. Pity that we didn't get the cover from the net, we went into an RACV shop and told them what we wanted and rep told us the gold one is what we were after. Had I purchased it online maybe the outcome would have been different. Meh
  18. These things can be push started.
  19. NRMA did a jump start for me. No use to you in Vic.
    I'm now with ARD which use 24/7 and they say fuel, tow or jump start.

    Am also with this mob ( http://www.nationalroadserviceaustralia.com.au/index.html ) for 3 years through a Groupon deal. National coverage but when I contacted them I was told they only do a tow (even though they say otherwise).