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VIC RACV Positive Motorcycle Article

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Ride Alot, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. The March edition of Royal Auto has a positive motorcycle two page article on page 60. It's called "Take Two".

    I am unable to find a link online and would appreciate anyone’s help in finding one.

    EDIT: Found it.


    Page 62 and 63 have some good tips.
  2. Is this what's about to happen as as far as I know, we're still testing in car park conditions away from any traffic and under 30kph!
    And he also has a couple of other things wrong as a full licensed car driver does not need to display P plates while on lams..
    Lot of good stuff there too..

    Ooh, he's promoting filtering... haha
  3. They've got their page set up so you can't steal content.....so I stole it....ARRRRGH

    The RACV had their conscience pricked recently after their little foray into the parliamentary blah blah inquiry, so this article's timing is interesting.


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  4. Minor details in this instance are irrelevant to the message.
  5. So who's the author?
  6. The Jealousy one... hehehehe
    It means filtering to me, no wonder so many are confused to whether it's legal, not legal, technically Lega.....
    Oh FFS you know what I mean... ](*,)](*,)](*,)
  7. This is by far one of the best motorcycle articles produced in a long time. David Morley did a great job.

    We weren’t labelled as vulnerable either.
  8. Chef I love the article.....
    Come to think of it, this and the lastest TAC release are both a pleasant change for once..
  9. Chef are you able to get page 60 and 61 too. I can't do it
  10. Me too :)

    Do you know the TAC and the RACV have both recently had a foot up the arse about their one sided views on motorcycling? I don't think the turnaround is a coincidence.

    Pretty happy with the outcome so far. If you ever see a 'call to arms' thrown up on Netrider jump in and get involved, contacting these folk directly does seem to make a difference.

    The next one in our sites is the Minister for Transport.....oh yes indeedy ;)
  11. Nah not really cos they're too big to fit on my screen to capture them. There's nothing really worth looking at IMO anyways. If you have something specific I'll get it.
  12. Just wanted it on netrider in case the link eventually stops working. Thanks for putting up the other pages big fella.
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  14. pages 60 & 61


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