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RACV or RACist?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. http://waverley-leader.whereilive.c...nce-to-exploit-for-foreign-drivers-in-monash/

    I said similar to this a couple of years ago and got called a racist. I guess that makes the RACV racist too.

  2. FWIW I think there is a problem with some overseas drivers, mainly to do with not understanding local rules. But that's true of nearly everywhere in the world. Australians go to the US and drive without knowing or caring how the rules differ (and they are very different).
    RACV is over the top calling for full local licenses, but it would be better if every country made some attempt to familiarise guests with local conditions.
    Maybe the responsibility should be on the issuer of international licenses (RACV in Victoria) to do some trip-specific testing before giving them out?

    I'm interested in Mulder's 'comment', which effectively confirms that Victoria's licensing and training system - and punitive measures - make no difference whatsover to hospitalisation and casualty rates.
  3. I'm Asian and I hate some of the Asian drivers...I love my mum, but I don't like the way she drives so I taught her a thing or two, how not to annoy other road users...since then she has become more aware and rather safer. Now it's my dad's turn for a lesson, but like any other male, it is hard to tell them without them knowing better.

    I wouldn't call it racist, I would call that truth. Anyone driving on Australian roads, as a foreigner or not, should require an approved Australian license. Would it be discrimination if you picked on 60-80 year old drivers for failing to keep to the speed limit or a simple head check?
  4. I think the repeated use of the word 'loophole' in that article is a bit weighted. It's not really a 'loophole' when there's a formal agreement in place that says "We believe your country's driving standards are pretty good, you believe our driving standards are pretty good, so let's allow our drivers to visit each others' countries and be able to drive there".

    The only "loophole" I can see actually being exploited is that they can leave the country without paying the fines.

    ... and then if they try to visit Australia at any point in the future, they'll be refused entry at the border or denied a visa until they pay the fines.

    Same goes for Australians visiting USA, etc, etc, etc.
  5. Er, by the way... you wouldn't happen to know if there is a statute of limitations in the US on that... would you? :oops:
  6. It already pisses me off that my sons brains are competing with foreign cash for a spot at Uni next year. This article doesn't help...
    So, what happens if someone holding an international license full of fines, becomes a citizen?
  7. In some states like California there is - and even if you go back before the limit expires, just don't go to the state where you were fined. I believe that the authorities write to you with the reminder notice but if it's a fairly trivial offence then it generally gets written off if you are a visitor (although some hire car companies have hidden in the small print that you agree to that they will deduct any fines from your credit card).

    I've got a "Certificate of Delinquency" from Laguna Beach, California mailed to me for an unpaid fine back in 1991. Worth not paying it just so I can prove that I'm a Certified Delinquent... :)

    Be careful though - Texas on the other hand have no statute of limitations for traffic offences (even parking ones) and are known to be happy to go back thirty years or more to prosecute.

    Some small town cops have been known to carry a credit card reader and if you are from out of town you have the choice of paying literally "on the spot", or going to court then and there.
  8. I love this bit; "RACV public policy general manager Brian Negus said the loophole could be easily addressed by requiring temporary residents to get Victorian licences."

    An overseas visitor who is in Victoria for 3 months or more needs to get a Vic Licence. They go down to Vic Rds and show their OS licence to prove they can drive. Vic Rds say ok not real sure if your countries road laws and licencing system is as good as ours so we won't give you a full licence but we'll give you a Learners Permit and you don't have to have a experienced driver next to you whilst driving like our young learners do.

    Heck they are either competent enough to get a full licence or they aren't and should do what learners are supposed to do.

    Now Cheffie this is not racist its the truth. If I had said "They go down to Vic Rds and show their OS licence to ride a camel" then thats another story.
  9. They're notoriously keen on the death penalty too, so I'd advise not defaulting on your payments :twisted:.