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VIC RACV Motorcycle Policy Position Oct 2015

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Following on from another thread, the RACV Motorcycle Policy Position Oct 2015 statement may be of interest to Victorian riders

    RACV advocates for improved transport services for all our members, including those who ride a motorcycle or scooter. Market research has found that five percent of RACV Members have a motorcycle or scooter in their household.

    RACV supports all road users responsibly ‘sharing the road’, which includes obeying the road rules and applying the courtesies and behaviours that make travel safer, including when someone else makes a mistake.

    A common contributor to crashes between cars and motorcycles (and bicycles) is drivers failing to see the approaching riders and driving across their path. This may be because drivers are looking for a larger object like another car, bus or truck and fail to see a much smaller motorcyclist or bicycle rider.

    Drivers entering a road from a driveway or side road, or turning right into a driveway or side road, need to look carefully for approaching riders. Riders may be travelling in an inside lane, and difficult to see.

    Drivers and passengers should also look carefully for bicycle and motorcycle riders when parked and opening car doors, to ensure purposes, to ensure they don’t open the door into the path of an approaching rider.

    Motorcycle and bicycle riders also need to be aware of other vehicles and in particular watch for any vehicles making turning manoeuvres. Motorcycle riders can improve their safety by wearing protective clothing. Riders can also improve their visibility by wearing light or reflective clothing or vests.

    VicRoads, on behalf of the State Government, receives advice on motorcycling matters via the Motorcycle Advisory Group (MAG). RACV represents other road users (non-motorcycle) on MAG. MAG also has representatives of Government agencies, including the Transport Accident Commission, Department of Justice and Victoria Police.

    Sharing the road

    RACV worked with the Amy Gillett Foundation and other cycling groups to develop the 'Sharing roads and paths' flyer. This flyer has information that applies to all road users, including drivers and motorcycle riders.

    Motorcycle Levy

    RACV supports the motorcycle levy as it provides funding for motorcycle specific safety programs, including engineering measures to make motorcycling routes safer for riders, education programs and enforcement activities. VicRoads consults MAG on the development and review of the guidelines for the spending of the funds raised by the levy.

    Formal identification

    In regard to identification of motorcycles for enforcement purposes, RACV has formed the view that motorcycles should be identifiable in the same way as all vehicles with front and rear identification. As a consequence of considering all of the implications of this matter, including safety, RACV has specifically called for ‘frontal identification’, not necessarily front number plates, on motorcycles. RACV’s statements on the issue have reflected this position for some time.

    Frontal identification is necessary to ensure that riders who do break the law have a higher chance of being detected and caught, whether it is by fixed or mobile road safety cameras or Victoria Police officers. Statistics compiled by the Road Safety Camera Commissioner have found that 41% of motorcycle speed infringements detected by fixed speed cameras in 2011/12 were rejected because there wasn’t a number plate. This increased from 33% of motorcycle infringements in 2009/10.

    RACV is not seeking the imposition of any solution that would increase the risk to motorcyclists or other road users should the motorcycle be involved in a crash.

    RACV also supports additional cameras in the road safety camera system allowing for the fact the motorcycles presently do not have front number plates.

    Related thread: [VIC] Front Number Plate Hysteria

    Lane filtering/lane splitting
    RACV supports the practice of lane filtering by motorcyclists but remains opposed to lane splitting. Lane filtering is when motorcyclists ride between stationary and slow moving vehicles, for example at traffic lights, to get to the front of the queue. Lane splitting is when motorcyclists weave between moving cars (greater than 30km/h).

    RACV considers lane splitting to be inherently dangerous and it is illegal.

    Use of bicycle lanes
    RACV does not support allowing motorcycles and scooters to use bicycle lanes, or other bicycle facilities like 'bike boxes' at traffic lights.

    Footpath parking
    Footpath parking of motorcycles is legal in Victoria, unless specifically prohibited by signs at a location. RACV encourages motorcyclists to be considerate of other footpath users, and not park where they obstruct access. This includes at crossings to tram stops, and allowing space for people using on-street parking to leave their vehicle.

    Guidelines for motorcycle parking on footpaths are available from Melbourne City Council.

    Contact details
    For more information contact:

    Public Policy Department
    Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV)
    550 Princes Hwy
    Noble Park North VIC 3174
    Email: care@racv.com.au
    Web: www.racv.com.au

    Material in this publication may be reproduced or quoted, provided RACV is acknowledged. October 2015.

    Link: RACV Motorcycle Policy Position Oct 2015

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  2. So they are front numberplate advocates using that same dodgy statistical slight of hand where all misreads of number plates including rear read fails becomes the statistic figure for front read fails. At least they understand the turn the camera around meme.

    Good to see then supporting footpath parking and filtering.
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  3. Looks to me like they are not actually sticking up for motorcyclists above what the law already allows. In fact they want more restrictions by advocating front plates.
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  4. That would be a reason for including Rob's quote in OP. Unsure how the (below) article posted by cjvfrcjvfr in the Vic Filtering Legal thread makes the organisation either for or against anything - it is simply providing factual information about a new road rule.


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  5. The RACV policy is for frontal identification, not front number plates. This point was made (and accepted by the RSCC) by the VMC that if the Gummint come up with a frontal identification common to all road users then there can be no dissent.

    But we know that this has been researched for years and bloody years, including RFIDs, and nothing produced so far to be useable by all and be adequately recognised by a speed camera system. Imagine the cost of re-equipping all vehicles throughout the country with a new ID system just to satisfy the demands of the RSCC? Ain't gonna happen.
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  6. RACV state they are for all form of motorists.
    I have never heard them come out and say that motorcycles are a legitimate for of transportation or the benefits of commuting by motorcycle.

    Why do we pay 50$ tax per year for "motorcycle saftey", which by the way was only supposed to be temporary and of which I have not seen value for my money.
    Why don't car drivers get charged this tax, and yet there is constant up grading of roads, lighting barriers etc.
    Why don't cyclists have any taxes at all, yet they get their safety lane, their box at the lights etc etc.

    The RACV does not support the parking of motorcycles on footpaths. This is plainly obvious in the way the paragraph is started, " The parking of motorcycles is legal in Victoria" unlike all the other paragraphs which start with " The RACV supports". The only point they make on their own is mortorcyclists should be courteous towards car drivers / passengers etc.

    They are dragging out stats from 2012/13. What? No recent stats they can lean on like a drunk to a lamp post.

    And don't get me started on their so called roadside service for bikes, what a joke.
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  7. The Motorcycle Safety Levy is currently $70 per annum: it started at $50 and has increased by CPI on 1st July every year.
  8. what exactly do you think you achieved "by being civil"

    they support price gauging and extorting motorcyclist to fund "enforcement"
    they support front numberplates
    they dont support using bike boxes..... meaning they fail to understand the concept of filtering.

    they even tell us we should be courteous when others make a mistake in the same breath as aknowledging that it is more often than not car drivers making those mistakes.
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  9. RACV: Lane splitting is when motorcyclists weave between moving cars (greater than 30km/h).

    I don't know how you can weave between moving cars.

    I weave when I indicate left, move left, indicate right, move right, between a staggered line of vehicles. This it perfectly legal. It's called overtaking.

    Passing between vehicles that are side by side, is maybe what they mean, but not what they said. That leads to the wrong info given to the motorist.