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VIC RACV Board elections 2012

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Heli, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. For those of us who are RACV members, or RACV Club members, the election for new Directors is next Thursday 11th October. I have e mailed each candidate with the following, to try to get them to understand that the current Club policy is no longer acceptable to me as a member.

    I've had a couple of replies already and urge any other RACV member to send a similar request to all candidates. They have a seat on the Motorcycle Advisory Group, and have an obligation to start taking a more pro active attitude towards PTW instead of the current pushbikes=good, motorbikes=bad mantra!

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  2. + lots, great work

    is there a link for a list of candidates & emails?
  3. RACV Board Election
  4. Thanks Heli. Great idea! I will get on this ASAP.
  5. Good idea I recevied my voting pamphlet in the mail last week and after reading through it ..put it in the bin "" couldn't see a pro mc candidate But you are thinking outside the box nice work :)
  6. The new candidate (other two are for re election) is a country guy and owns a couple of m'bikes: Tom Houlihan. As he hasn't an e mail address listed I called him and had a good chat, very pro motorcycle, he has my vote!

    Trevor O'Hoy replied with a "support a totally balanced and integrated transport system" line, and I'm waiting for Ms Piccinini with bated breath as she's a BNV member :-s
  7. Hopefully he has more luck than Prof Wigan who tried numerous times without success.

  8. New candidates are at a disadvantage since sitting Directors preference each other: to get in as a new Director the candidate needs nearly twice the votes.

    But the point would be made if the candidates received enquiries committing them to a response in favour of either being pro PTW (as vulnerable road users) or being less 'anti' motorcycle than has been the case to date. If they want a vote then they should take note of the wishes of the membership, and not track on without listening.
  9. True.

  10. Worth looking into over the weekend. Thanks Heli.
  11. Why you didn't nominate? Forgot too again?! :D

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