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RACV: Ad for i40 vilifies motorcyclists?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. In the September issue of RACV's promotional magazine, Royal Auto, there is a full page advertisement for the Hyundai i40.

    It depicts a photo of a motorcyclist, taken from just behind the rider and an image in the left mirror showing a wolf-like creature with a snarl and wearing one of those German-soldier helmets.

    The caption says, "Big on safety. Because they're Out There".

    Here's a link to the ad in question:


    Am I being overly sensitive or paranoid here?
  2. its a shit ad thats for sure, i mean really pretty terrible. Even though hyundai probably has the lowest average customer IQ of any car company im sure that their customers are more worried about trucks plowing into them rather than bikes, i mean the problem with small cars since their inception has been trucks plowing into you, until recently people bought big cars just to avoid that issue, im sure their customers remember times when small cars were deathtraps, should have used a truck or a bus.

    I wouldnt bother its a print ad in the RACV magazine, if its anything like NRMA's mag i doubt anyone reads it, its not that bad anyway i dont mind car drivers being scared of me if it means they are going to pay more attention. I wonder how often an OMC member gets smidsy'd
  3. A wolf, in a WW2 Nazi helmet... I think a case could be made that it is vilification.
    Run it past the Advertising Standards Board, see what happens.
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    LOL I have this mag at home still wrapped in its shrink wrap... it usually sits on the coffee table in its unopened state until it goes in the trash.

    on the other hand I don't think you can hold RACV responsible or in anyway involved with the advert.

    Best course of action would be to voice your complaint to Hyundai, maybe take it to another level and involve the advertising standards people (the damage is done though, but perhaps they may have to release a public apology).

    I don't like the ad or its connotations but i also don't care enough to go any further than this post.

    edit: Hyundai already know how I feel about them, their cars, their after sales support and know that I tell every one I know not to buy there cars, the response was literally "Meh?" over the phone followed by a generic letter that seemed almost completely unrelated to any interaction i had had with hyundai.

    this was over a warranty dispute on fleet vehicle in my business, they couldn't care less if they lost me as a customer.
  5. its against the code to show a vehicle breaking any traffic laws in advertisements, state that the rider is performing an illegal overtake over double yellows (clearly the shot is from the us, but thats not relevant) and that the ad should be taken down because of that. I think mitsu got an advertisement for the outlander taken down because it had its fog lights on during nice weather.
  6. Yes I'm sure German soldiers and Wolves are also highly offended at having a negative stereotype portrayed. Lets start a petition!
  7. If you are going to get upset over this, at least know that it is a hyena.

    The tv ad (in QLD) also depicts pallets falling off a truck, where the driver is a bull, which has a greater focus than the motorcyclist. I'm sure the truckies aren't on 'downers' (any more than usual) over this.
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  8. We have the same ad in NSW. Fortunately I rarely watch commercials so I am rarely offended.

    However, this ad has a rather high 'fail factor'. If old mate driving the car couldn't hear the bike coming and didn't see it coming, maybe he should turn the radio down, tell his silly bint to shut up and concentrate on driving the fcuking car.

    Yes Hyundai, they are out there and it would appear most of them drive your cars.
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  9. That makes a difference. If it is part of a series portraying all road users as a threat, then it's not really targeted vilification.
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  10. The motorcyclist in the tv ad isn't breaking the law (unless he's speeding, which we don't know). The ad shows the i40 going around a left hand sweeper in the left lane of a two lane section..ie there's an overtaking lane. The hyena/motorcyclist overtakes the car using the right overtaking lane. He hasn't crossed to the other side of the road (ie he's not in the oncoming traffic lane).

    Nothing wrong or unusual.

    The other two examples...a van swerving towards the car, and a truck losing a load of pallets. The motorcyclist is unique insofar as he isn't doing anything wrong.
  11. Get over it. There are more important things to get upset about.
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  12. Let them be scared of us...
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  13. I haven't seen this ad, but it still annoys me.

    A couple of weeks ago, on a weekday, as is my usual wont, I rode up to Pie in the Sky and here were all the wankers of TV advert production, including a person with a Hyena's head on, riding a Ducati so slowly that I thought he/she would fall over any tick of the clock, with NSW's finest cops closing the road for them to ponce up and down the hill when ever they felt like it.

    I did ask one of the cops how much it cost to have them occasionally close the road up and down the hill, as I thought us bike riders could maybe have a bit of a whip round, but the cop didn't seem to take this too seriously. :(
  14. Here's the TV ad if anyone hasn't seen it

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  15. Actually not a bad Ad.

    This is not MOTO vilification.

    What I take from this is the message about "cage safety" - because "they're out there"


    More like, they're IN there - as in.......any cager who looks for the most technically advanced "safer" car is inherently disengaged with the act of driving.

    Car companies are constantly applauding themselves with how autonomous their new cars are: Self parking, self braking, active steering, active headlights, blah, blah, blah.

    All equating to less-engaged drivers who take less responsibility for the act of driving.

    THIS is the issue - distracted, disengaged cagers with no care or clue.
    The issue is NOT a farken Hyena on a MOTO dressed as a gay German soldier.

    ::end of line
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  16. What a shit heap of a car. It can avoid accidents at 30kph. Put the roof racks on it fill it with people and luggage then send it up to the snow through the mountain roads at 100kph and see how well it does.
  17. Wolve should be offended - it doesn't look a bit like him. :)
  18. actually after watching that ad it does not seem so offensive to a motorcyclist,

    its almost as if the motorcyclist is portrayed as the nutty loon who's willing to risk it all & the Hyundai is the 'safe' option

    however it also shows the Hyundai wouldn't have stood a chance against the bike
  19. At 0:10 the Hyundai drifts across the white line without indication. Dangerous drivers those Hyundai owners can even keep in their lane. ;)
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  20. What about bloody driver/rider education rather than creating a divide with this them and us attitude. All these mod cons in cars are starting to Shit me big time. Ok rant over.