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Racks? (for a CB250RS)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jack_1313, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. I’m very new to motorcycles and I want to install a top box onto my 1982 model Honda CB250RS, but in order to do so I think I need some sort of rack to mount it on. Here’s a photo of a similar model with a rack installed:


    As far as I know there are two factory-built options:

    1.) A Ventura rack specifically designed for the CB250RS.
    2.) A universal Gear Sack rack that can be installed on most motorcycles.

    I’m trying to set it up for as little cost as possible, so option 1 is definitely a no-no. Instead I’ve been looking around for a second hand option 2. I just came across this on e-bay.

    I’m a bit confused by it. It’s labeled as a “Ventura Gear Sack” rack. Is this a universal rack or not? The advertiser states that it came off a “Triumph Daytona 955i 2003 model, so this stuff probably fits other Triumph models, but you will need to check the Ventura website (www.kenma.com.au) for fitment details.” If this is a universal rack, do you think I would even be able to mount a top box on it?

    EDIT: Another one here which also looks promising.

    If not, how hard is it to home-make a rack?

    Thanks for any help